The Best Cleanser for Your Skin Type


Cleansers are the first and most crucial step in any skincare program, and it’s a really simple and basic procedure. The challenging aspect is picking the correct face cleanser. Navigating through the many different types of cleansers and finding the perfect fit for your beauty routine can be difficult due to the overwhelming quantity of options. 

You can also opt for natural face cleansers in these categories. However, it would be best if you took the time and effort to choose skin cleansers appropriate for your skin type to avoid breakouts, clogging, dehydration, sensitivity, and skin issues. 

Types of Cleansers and the Best One for You!

We understand how difficult it is, so we’ve broken down all 11 types of cleansers to assist you in selecting the ideal one for your skin type. You can find these at the Health and Glow website.

1. Gel Cleanser

Gel cleansers have a transparent, jelly-like consistency and must frequently be rinsed off. They provide deep cleansing in just one wash and decongest pores, remove excess oil, and kill acne-causing germs! They’re extremely moisturising and packed with hydrating elements, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. Makeup can get easily removed using gel cleansers.

Normal, oily, combo and acne-prone skin types are good candidates for gel cleansers.

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2. Cream Cleanser

Cream cleansers have a creamy texture and are rich in hydrating ingredients. They also don’t produce much lather or peel away the skin’s natural oils so that they won’t dry or dehydrate your skin. They do, however, produce a creamy texture that can block pipes. They’re wonderful for removing makeup and controlling sebum production. Something that provides similar properties to a cream cleanser is cleansing milk for the face; it has many of the same ingredients in lighter amounts. 

Cream Cleanser is best for dry and sensitive skin types.

3. Foam Cleansers

Foam cleansers are available in cream or gel form; when mixed with water, they foam up. The foam will penetrate pores to unclog them, remove dirt, and remove makeup. The key element that generates the foaming action is sodium lauryl sulphate, which varies depending on the formulation (SLS).

Foam Cleanser is the best cleanser for oily skin and mixed skin types.

4. Clay Cleanser

Clay cleaners, like clay masks, contain clay and are mattifying and known for their purifying properties. They can remove dirt and surface particles from your pores and excess oil and pollutants. However, clay cleanser can’t always absorb excess oil, which can lead to acne, and it can’t always remove makeup!

Oily skin, acne-prone skin, and combination skin are the best skin types for clay cleanser.

5. Cleansing Powder

When they arrive in the form of powders, they become creamy or frothy when exposed to water. You can change the consistency by varying the amount of water used to mix them. While cleaning, give exfoliation properties. They’re very concentrated and can be used to remove makeup and deep cleanse the face.

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Oily, combination, and sensitive skin are the best skin types for powder cleanser.

6. Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar waters are the lightest types of facial cleanser, and they resemble simple water in appearance and texture! Micelles are microscopic oil molecules that eliminate dirt. Micellar water is administered with cotton pads and does not require rinsing. They’re a multi-purpose product that cleans, tones, and removes makeup. It is a mild cleanser.

Micellar Water is the best cleanser for dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, and sensitive skin.

7. Bar Soap Cleanser

Many harsh chemicals in body soaps can irritate the skin. Face soap bars, however, have additional hydrating chemicals that nourish the face while also balancing the pH levels. If you must use a soap cleanser, use face soaps; otherwise, your skin will become dehydrated, sensitive, and irritated.

Bar soap cleanser is the best for oily skin and mixed skin types.

8. No Rinse Cleanser

Many no-rinse cleansers are soap-free and come in various forms, such as foams, creams, and lotions. Strong soap formulations can dry to the skin. They’re wonderful for rapidly removing makeup and refreshing the skin. Plus, they not only energise your skin but also cut down on time spent on your skincare routine.

Dry, sensitive, and acne-prone skin is the best skin type for a no-rinse cleanser.

9. Cleansing Wipes

Cleansing wipes are convenient but aren’t very effective in removing all impurities. They can remove makeup and are simple to use, making them ideal for those occasional lazy days, but they cannot clean grime or excess oil. They work well for removing makeup, but a follow-up facewash is required!

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The best skin types for facial wet wipes are oily, dry, and normal.

10. Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oils are gentle on the skin while still being extremely effective in removing makeup. They’re even waterproof in some cases! They nourish the skin rather than dry it out. However, instead of acting as deep cleaners, they operate as pre-cleansers. So, use a conventional deep-cleansing cleanser after you’ve rinsed off your oil cleanser.

Dry skin, normal skin, and combination skin are the best skin types for cleansing oil.

11. Cleansing Balm

Cleaning balms are similar to cleansing oils in that they are more solid and have a rich, creamy feel that melts into an oily texture on the skin. They are excellent for removing makeup since they include nourishing components. There are no-rinse and rinse-off alternatives available.

Cleansing Balm is best for dry and regular skin types.

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