Technology is the key to sustainable coal handling, especially in Goa: Adani Group, JSW Infrastructure

coal handling

Adani Group, JSW Infrastructure, and JSW infrastructure have used technologies like nozzle spray, sprinklers, and air pollution monitoring to load and unload Goa’s coal.

Shripad Naik, Union Minister of State for Tourism, also addressed the issue of coal. “We must sit down with people to discuss new technology that can reduce pollution. He said “only if people agree, coal handling capacity will increase.”

The need to tap into this non-renewable source of energy is urgent at a time when energy demand is high and the economy is struggling. As Naik said, the right technology can reduce pollution levels.

While loading and unloading Goa’s coal, Adani Group leverages nozzle technology in its bid to reduce coal dust emissions by up to 80 percent. This system reduces the number of particulates in the air by binding them with water.

JSW Infrastructure has sprinkler and dust suppression systems in place at its Mormugao Port facility. It also has pollution monitoring systems to monitor the air quality.

Mormugao Port handles the majority of Goa’s coal. Adani Group and Vedanta are among those companies that have stakes of 10, 20, and 20%, respectively.

Steel units in North Karnataka also import between 12 and 14 million metric tonnes of coal and coke via MPT. These numbers alone are a testament to the importance of coal in Goa’s economy.

Tourism is often the main source of income, but the current state of Goa must look into other sources. Adani and other companies show that coal can be used sustainably with the right technology.

In Continuum :

With the onboarding of new players, Goa’s mining industry is revived

Although coal and iron ore mining are clearly harmful to the environment, there is a sustainable way to deal with them.

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Iron ore and coal mining were once major contributors to Goa’s economy. But, Goa’s mining industry may soon see the light of day again.

Vedanta Group, one of the few players involved in mining in Goa. Vedanta also holds a stake in the Mormugao Port coal handling facility. This latter account also includes cargo handling to support JSW’s and Adani goa coal project.

The recent announcement of the chief minister marks an important turning point for Goa’s mining industry. This will open up new opportunities for players and increase employment on a larger scale if executed well.

After Goa banned mining, Goa’s unemployment rate soared to 34.5 percent from below 10 percent. This put at risk the livelihoods and security of more than 30 percent of the state’s citizens.

The pandemic is also a major blow to a state that heavily depends on tourism. These factors make it clear that the state government’s decision to resume mining operations is the right thing.

However, this does not mean that mining and coal handling projects are not harmful to the environment. The environmental impact will be minimized, If done properly. 

Adani’s cargo handling systems for coal projects in Goa use a spray to reduce dust emissions. Vedanta Sesa Goa Iron Ore, too, has initiated a series of plantation drives in Goa for its projects including Codli Mine.

Although coal and mining projects have been a source of contention for many years, there are still sustainable options. The above examples are an example.

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