Some tips for sleeping well during the heat wave

Some tips for sleeping well during the heat wave

As you have noticed, the high temperatures spare almost no one in France this summer. Temperatures are panicking in many regions of France and the month of July is still in danger of breaking records. We don’t all have the luxury of taking a shower every half hour, far from it! However, each of us can indulge in our favorite hobbies indoors (playing on the computer, learning 22Bet) without becoming completely dehydrated.

Here are some useful and economical tips for coping with the heat without losing your patience or your health. They apply to you as well as your children or your pet.

Hot water bottles and water bottles: ice for the night

In these heats, the real test is to be able to sleep without suffocating. If you live in an apartment, here is a simple tip. Fill a hot water bottle three-quarters full (to avoid the risk of overflowing) or even a plastic bottle. Leave it in the freezer and wait. Before going to bed, place the container under your pillow or on your bed. Juror: the method makes the room lose a few degrees and allows you to enjoy a bit of freshness during the night.

Coffees, sodas, ice cubes: the trap drinks of heat waves

Of course, the body needs to hydrate during the heat wave, but we must know our liquid allies to face with dignity the relentless sun. We do not recommend the unbridled consumption of coffee for its diuretic side which will dehydrate you. Sodas are also to be avoided as they are not thirst quenching as you might think.

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Alcohol remains a pleasure, but in small doses. Everyone knows the knockout effect of a few beers in the system under a blazing sun. The same goes for over-consumed ice cubes that may upset your stomach.

In other words, cool water is your best friend during this time. Two liters a day will be enough to last you the day.

Siesta, nightlife: adapt your lifestyle

Of course, this advice applies to the days when you are not working, but we recommend that you take inspiration from Mediterranean life to get through these few days. The key is to cool off at all costs in the afternoon, and keep the shutters closed in your house or bedroom.

Take inspiration from these Italian villages where everyone sleeps in the afternoon under the relentless sun. It is no coincidence that people live in the evening in this region of the world. This is so, the heat wave forces us to change our lifestyle, and it may be time to slow down a bit. Free Spins

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