Should You Post on IG From a Computer or Your Phone? A Guide

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There’s no denying Instagram is an immensely popular platform. In 2021, there are over 1 billion active IG users. That’s over 70 million more users than in 2020–just one year ago!

Whether you’ve been using IG for ages or you’ve just started up your first account, you might be wondering what’s the most efficient, effective way to get your content online. Here’s the question on everyone’s mind: Do you post on IG from your computer or your phone?

Read on to learn more about this social media behemoth and find out if one posting method is better than the other.

How Is Instagram Different?

Before we dive into how to upload your content to Instagram, let’s explore what makes the platform different from other social offerings.

To put it in simple terms, Instagram offers similar sharing and communication functions to Facebook. You can create an account (in fact, you can have more than one), share photos and videos, like and comment on another person’s Instagram post, send private messages to people you follow and save images to your collection.

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However, IG has a greater emphasis on visuals. It’s yet to go so far as TikTok and focus only on video; sharing enticing photos is still the bedrock of the IG platform.

Instagram also favored a smartphone-centric UI right from the get-go. As such, it’s changed little since it first launched way back in 2010–except for additions like stories and Reels to improve engagement.

Why Post on Instagram At All?

Instagram is over a decade old now, and you’ve probably heard that Gen Z is all over TikTok now. So are there any benefits to posting on Instagram in 2021?

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Great for Consumer Products

Instagram is the go-to social media app for product-centered businesses looking to connect with a like-minded customer base. Instagram knows this, and they’ve responded by continually updating their Shop features to help users display, sell, and find new products.

The Shop can be accessed via an icon in the bottom navbar. You can tag products in photos, sending users to where they can buy them. A company can even connect its videos to its product catalogs.

It Offers the Most Engagement

Instagram blows other social apps out of the water when it comes to engagement. In 2018, each post got a minimum interaction of 2 to 7 percent of followers. Like other platforms, the more you post (though not too often), the more likes, comments, and saves you get, and the more people see your posts.

The Ads Actually Work

On Facebook, ads can seem intrusive and jarring–like those that appear in your notifications feed or the middle of a video. On the other hand, Instagram has worked out a better system.

Highly tailored ads look eerily similar to the posts of those you follow. There’s also a crafty Suggested Posts feature that appears when you’ve caught up with all your new posts. And they’ve added more branded content capabilities to create transparency around influencer posts.

There’s Lots of Scope for Creativity

With stories, IGTV, and now the TikTok-like Reels, you can create pretty much any kind of content you want on IG today. You’re only limited by your imagination and, potentially, your marketing budget.

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Why Post on IG From a Computer?

Though rumor has it the platform is considering letting users post from their computers, the feature is only available to a few lucky account holders. So as of right now, the only way to post to Instagram via your desktop or laptop is through a scheduling service.

Easy Scheduling

If you’re wondering how to post on Instagram from a Mac or PC, a scheduler offers endless benefits.

You can bulk upload photos and videos, set your calendar months in advance, and share content with team members and clients. And that’s just with the free versions. Pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee and get access to even more features.

Read more about the benefits of IG schedulers for Mac users here:

Easier Management of a Pro Account

If you’re running a pro account as an influencer or for a client, you’re seeking efficiency. Being able to edit and upload photos and videos on your desktop is more convenient than transferring those materials to your phone or tablet.

Best of all, for busy SMMs (social media managers), you don’t have to keep switching between your phone and your desktop. And this frees up more time in your day for creative things like filming, shooting, and strategy.

And then, of course, there’s the much bigger screen and the far-less-cumbersome desktop keyboard.

Why Post on IG From Your Phone?

Posting from a phone to Instagram is more direct, faster, and more natural. You can take advantage of these benefits to save time in your day and grow engagement quickly.

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It’s More Immediate

Posting on Instagram from your phone offers an immediacy you don’t get using a computer. You can shoot a video and immediately upload it. Your followers will appreciate the rawness, lending that all-important air of authenticity to your account.

You Can Respond Quickly

How quickly you reply to messages and comments on your posts and account matters regarding engagement. If you’ve posted using your phone, it’s already in your hand as the questions, remarks, and snark from your followers come rolling in.

It All Depends on Your Social Skills

If you’re debating whether to post on IG from a computer or your phone, the answer isn’t straightforward. It depends on what devices you own and the age of those devices, which you’re more comfortable using, and what kind of content you want to publish. If you’re tech-savvy, why not use both?

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