Remote File Server Access & File Sharing Server

Remote File Server

The mobile workforce can simplify remote file access and remote file sharing to increase their productivity. The file-sharing service can help with remote access from web browsers, remote PCs, Mac, and mobile. All this can happen without the use of a VPN. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) were used traditionally for secure remote access that helps share files. However, there can be privacy issues and it can be difficult to manage them. Mobile workers will have trouble connecting to the file server from any device. Sometimes there are other connectivity issues and slow performance. It is difficult to understand the working of a VPN. It is challenging to make a VPN icon on the device while locating the file shares and accessing them isn’t easy.

Data Sprawl

If the Virtual Private Networks are hard and challenging to use, the workers will have to use other options. Using Email attachments and personal Dropbox accounts are some of the most popular ways to share files remotely over the internet. However, the ad-hoc ways of remote file sharing will create many problems. It has become harder for businesses to maintain and manage where the files are stored and shared. Some users may find it difficult to understand where the latest version lies are and what version the company is using. Email attachments can have privacy issues and personal Dropbox accounts sometimes contain duplicate files. The data can be split among different data silos that may give hackers access to information.

Mobile and Remote Access

Triofox makes the remote file servers a focal point of collaboration to make remote access easy. It provides the traveling sales teams, field engineers, and other remote workers with the perfect user experience. Even if the workers are working from home or office that doesn’t change anything. Triofox can increase productivity as it is balanced by centralized management that features access controls, file versioning, auditing, and reporting.

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On-Demand Synchronization

It will become easy for the users to save storage space and bandwidth by displaying the directory structure. All downloads can be delayed until all the files are in use. The clients can save a lot of money with all the smaller drives. Triofox is also a useful choice if you are looking for a good alternative to Dropbox and SharePoint. It can work exclusively for all the file servers and enhance productivity too.

Enhanced Data Security

Triofox can easily leverage HTTPS and SSL to translate file access requests. It will move all the files into active directory queries and network share access. The security features are enhanced and the best thing is that there is no need to expose the overall network. It will also protect the overall network by moving the files and authentic queries to Active Directory and other shared networks. Triofox can bridge files servers and cloud storage to secure remote access without using the VPN that can create many privacy issues. Accessing files and folders directly from the web browser will also become easy.

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