Reasons to Move to Chicago


After New York and Los Angeles, Chicago ranks as the third-largest city in the US. For Chicagoans, the pride of living in the city goes as far as inking the four-star flag on their skin and clothing apparel. But, it’s not just being loyal to the state that makes this city stand out; Chicago to Boston movers can attest to the fact that it’s the welcoming nature of the residents that attracts them to the town. That’s not all! This guide discusses the top 10 reasons to move to Chicago.

1.    Sports

If there’s one thing that will attract the sports fanatic, it’s that Chicagoans are crazy sports fans. It’s hard to be in the midst of five people without four being fans of the local and pro sports teams. The city has so many groups for every sporting niche, whether football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or soccer. The city’s pro sports teams include:

  • MLB baseball teams – Chicago White Sox and Cubs
  • NBA basketball team – Chicago Bulls and Sky
  • NFL football team – Chicago Bears
  • NHL hockey team – Chicago Blackhawks
  • MLS and NWSL soccer team – Chicago Fire and Red Stars

2.    Neighborhoods

Speaking of, the region has diverse neighborhoods to suit your preference and personality. Plus, they even have their stereotype associated with them. Whether you prefer the hip lifestyle, the lake view, the beauty of architecture, stunning artworks, or the scenic natural parks, the city has all and more to offer. Some high-end streets in the town include:

  • Logan Square
  • Lakeview
  • Rogers Park
  • Lincoln Park
  • River North
  • Pilsen
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3.    Live Music

The district has some of the most exciting live music scenes the nation offers. Did you know that Chicago is the birthplace of music genres like modern gospel and Chicago-style blues? Add Mainstream pop, hip hop, blues, indie rock, and Jazz, and you will always find the perfect scene to suit your musical taste. You’ll also find some of the most exotic venues to listen to your live music niche in the city. From Uptown to Wicker Park, Logan Square, Lincoln Park, and Pilsen, Chicago neighborhoods offer different genres of live music for music buffs.

For shoppers, you have varieties of shopping options or you. From the high-end fashion local retail stores on Michigan Avenue to the lavish fashion couture options across the Magnificent Mile, the city is full of bougie boutiques that sell vintage wear and upscale shops for a more modern style. Chicago is a shopping paradise unlike you’ve ever seen before.

5.    Job Market

Technically, Chicago’s job market has always been on top of its a-game. So, if you’re considering moving to the city, you wouldn’t have to worry about finding an appropriate job to cover your high standard of living. New startup firms in the media, tech and professional industries are established daily. Even Google has a branch in the city. For tech lovers, Chicago is the dream big-win town for you.

6.    Festivals

If you’ve never witnessed any festive occasions in your current state, that’s one added reason to move to Chicago. In the district, you find one festival or the other when walking down the neighborhood’s streets. Spring usually announces the arrival of the festivals with the residents preparing for various art fairs, dance, and music festivals. In fact, during this season, you find the streets crowded the traffic situation on the rise. The only season with no festivities in the street is winter due to the high cold temps.

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7.    Public Transportation

Living in a metro state with a large population like NYC, LA and DC would invariably nightmare commutes when it comes to transportation. But, Chicago boasts a stress-free public transport system that allows residents to transition between cities on time. Hence, you can find your way to every destination with ease and on time. The town offers an accessible and reliable public transport system for as low as $3. For art lovers, you might even find yourself admiring the outstanding architectural work of the transport statins. They are designed not just for comfort commute but also to give the city a transformed modern look.

8.    Outdoor Attractions

In this region, one thing is for sure; you won’t run out of fun outdoor fairs to fill your recreational time. From ice skating during the winter months to watching the natural park views, hiking, jogging, and biking in summer, residents can truly live the best outdoor lifestyle away from the busy metro areas. If you’re considering moving to the city, then you’d want to visit the stunning outdoor attractions at:

  • Millennium Park
  • Maggie Daley Park
  • Lake Michigan
  • North Avenue Beach
  • Montrose Beach
  • Navy Pier
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Chicago River Cruise
  • Chicago Botanic Garden
  • Garfield Park Conservatory
  • Farmer’s market

9.    History, Arts & Culture A-Plenty

You wouldn’t see more artworks, history, and culture in any other city than Chicago. For the artistic fanatics. The town could be the haven zone they seek. Across the small suburbs and neighborhoods, you’ll find fascinating architectural commercial and residential buildings, culture and history-filled museums, art galleries, and several festivities for the diverse cultures found in the region.

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The city’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) and Art Institute are some of the world-renowned sites for art and history buffs. Even the Alder Planetarium and the Museum of Science and Industry hold many fascinating collections for creative enthusiasts.

10. Dining

Did you know that the tasting-menu trend has its origin in Chicago?

With this revelation, one thing is for sure: the city has a long-standing experience and impact on the food scene. It’s no wonder tourists from all over the world enjoy exploring various restaurants, diners, and cafes in the hidden corners of the neighborhood. The district has some of the best dining scenes in America, from the experienced diner establishments of world-renowned chefs to the local food scenes; it’s impossible not to enjoy each scene’s delicious, unique cuisines.


Suppose you’re looking for some practical reasons to move to Chicago. In that case, you now know that residents can enjoy the vibrant big-city lifestyle as the city has various fun activities to offer. Plus, you’ll have access to everything that would make for a quality-living experience, no matter your preference.

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