Rawayat – An Ultimate Choice


Whenever we think of finalizing a look, we look into some basic things, which include our clothes, footwear, and accessories. Jewelry adds a classy touch to a dress and specifically the whole look when the accessories are considered. Rawayat is a brand making artificial statement pieces and everyday wear at affordable prices. Investing in good jewelry and some basic pieces are worth your money as they can be styled with different outfits for years. Rawayat has multiple categories, covering all head-to-toe pieces, that too in different jewelry styles.  Covering a few below to know what Rawayat has to offer:

Wedding Accessories:

Rawayat has a huge range of wedding jewelry wearables. Being a bride means there are a lot of decisions to make. Rawayat has created a separate category to assist. In our country, bridal dresses are often colored in traditional hues and ethnic jewelry is adorned with Kundans and Polkis that complement bridal gowns. Jhoomars and matha pattis are a mark of a bride and Rawayat has stocked some eye-catching pieces for yde Rawayat ou. Alongside, some specially designed nikkah dupattas in red, gold, and white tones are available, using the royal organza and net fabrics with pallu details for adding the pure old bride vibe.


The sound of bangles is loved by many of us just as we love the sound of the rain or the chirping of birds. Bangles by Rawayat are meant to meet the delicacy of every woman’s wrist. Bangles are a tradition and are worn in almost every culture. The wearing of them is an expression of women’s virtue. Rawayat gives us exemplary designs to choose from, be it a delicate bracelet with zircons, a pair of kara’s with studded stones, or a simple set of bangles with bling, they always accentuate the sense of being a woman gracing any event with her presence.

Bangles are another must-have accessory for a bride’s wedding day ensemble and trousseau. Apart from their historical significance, bangles have a particular place in our hearts because of the instant appeal they offer to a bride’s mehendi-encrusted hands.

Be it striking bangles, traditional kadas, fashionable cuffs, or modern bracelets, decorating bridal wrists is more flexible than ever. And, as your go-to wedding planner, we’re ready to entice you with some enchanting bridal bracelet designs. Here are some of the most recent bangle designs for Indian brides that will definitely wow you with their luxury, ranging from classic to contemporary patterns.

Kids Collection:

On every occasion when kids see their parents and other people get dressed up, they want to be getting dressed in the same way. When we talk about little princesses, they desire to wear every jewelry piece that their mother is wearing, or whenever they see a bride. Rawayat has a category for kids which is full of cute little bangles, clips, small studded hair catchers, hair bands, glittery pins, mini necklaces, and crown bands to make them feel like a princess.


Anklets are a cultural jewelry piece, basically originating from Egypt and Egyptian women used to wear anklets as a daily wearing ornament. Rawayat knows how the beauty of wearing just an ankle piece with any outfit makes it more striking. Therefore, Rawayat has a beautiful collection of anklets. The silver is designed elegantly and the gold ones look traditional. Simple contemporary designs are also available in Rawayat’s collection.

LAAM and Rawayat:

Rawayat’s jewelry is a lookup for a lot of people and LAAM is here to make the purchase of these elite pieces easier for each one of you. You can get your best for all occasions by visiting LAAM.pk and ordering Rawayat now.