PUBG Mobile is back in India and now available on Play store

PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile is back in India, just with a different name and few additions to the app – most of which don’t have an impact on your overall gaming experience, but exist because someone thought that’s a good idea.

PUBG Mobile has come back to India with a new name.

If you have been missing PUBG Mobile in India and are fed up with using VPN to run the game for almost a year. There is good news. PUBG Mobile is back in India. Just with a different name and few additions to the app most of which don’t have an impact on your overall gaming experience, but exist because someone thought that’s a good idea. There is always that one person!

Yes, I am talking about Battlegrounds Mobile India which can be now be downloaded from Google Play Store. It doesn’t change much from the original game apart from the name. The game will be made available to all users who pre-registered over the next few days. If you haven’t got it yet, you should very soon. And, there is no reason why you should be disappointed about it.

Big things were expected of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Leading up to this launch, reports were suggesting that the game might come with an OTP verification system to restrict younger players, might have India-specific locations on the map, and more. All of them turned out to be false. Instead, the changes include changing the color of blood to green, a new account system, and multiple warnings to spend limited time on the game.

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Why Pubg Banned in India

PUBG Mobile was banned in India because of its connections to Chinese company Tencent. That’s where South Korean company Krafton stepped in and decided to relaunch the game under a new name and promised a better and more secure experience to gamers. It had also announced features customized for Indian gamers.

The only effort Krafton put to customise the game is to change the color of the blood. Fine, maybe it wants to maintain that the game isn’t real and is trying to self-sensor the content kids have access to or can watch on social media platforms. But, then why stop there! It could have done so much more with Battlegrounds Mobile India. The fact is it decided not to.

The locations, weapons, gameplay, and everything else are more or less similar to PUBG Mobile. There is also an easy way to transfer your account from the older game to the new one.

In the process to show the game is now more responsible and cares for its players, Krafton has made it really annoying. You will be asked if you are older than 18 years or not but, there is no in-game process to verify that. Similarly, there are regular audio warnings within the game asking players to take breaks while playing Battlegrounds Mobile India. The same warning pops up again every time you start a new game.


Krafton’s way of differentiating it from PUBG is limited to announcing that a player has been ‘finished and not ‘killed’. It’s almost sad that the South Korean developer had a great chance to deliver a world-class game. Herewith some major upgrades. It restricted itself to gimmicks instead of thinking out of the box.

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The PUBG fans are excited about Battlegrounds Mobile India and might migrate to the game but, others loyal to Call of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite, etc may not find real value or reason to switch. Apart from the censoring, the game is similar to PUBG Mobile just disguised under a different name.

If you have been able to download the game and played it for a while. Please let us know about your experience in the comments section. The final build of the game should also be out in the next few days. So, keeping checking India Today Tech for more updates on the same.

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