Pros of Parquet Tiles For Home Flooring

Installing laminated floor

Considering parquet flooring for your home? There are several pros and cons to this type of flooring. Here are some things to consider before deciding to install this type of floor. It is recommended to install it on a solid, dry subfloor. Before installing, remove any baseboards from the room. Also, allow the wood strips time to acclimate to the room. The more they are exposed to moisture, the longer it will take for the parquet to adapt.

Easy to Maintain

Although parquet flooring is easy to maintain, it will eventually need some attention. Cleaning a parquet floor is easy and can be done two or three times a week. Some vacuums can be used to keep parquet floors clean automatically. The frequency of mopping will depend on the type of finish. Lacquered or oily wooden floors will need different maintenance than a plain wooden floor. If you plan to install a parquet in your home, be sure to consult a professional who specializes in parquet flooring.

Excellent Choice for Smaller rooms

Parquet flooring is an excellent choice for smaller rooms. Because of its intricate design, a parquet can give a room a more spacious look. A narrow hallway, for example, may not allow you to fit a large number of blocks in the space. You may want to opt for a smaller design. When choosing parquet flooring for your home, you should also keep in mind the room’s size and traffic.

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As the name suggests, parquet flooring was originally used in French chateaus and has an impressive history. It adds instant interest to your floors. The wooden blocks of parquet flooring are typically surrounded by decorative borders, which act as a built-in rug. Parquet floors can be customized in any pattern you choose. Patterns include herringbone, Versailles, Chantilly, checkerboard, mosaic, and more.

Softer & warmer

Parquet flooring is softer and warmer underfoot than many other flooring materials. It also has the durability of wood flooring and is particularly suitable for rooms with a high amount of foot traffic. Because of this, it is also low-maintenance. Whether it is used in a kitchen or a bathroom, parquet flooring will last for generations. It will also add an exquisite look to your home. These floors are an excellent choice for people who want a luxurious floor without the cost of a professional installation.

Whether you decide to install parquet flooring by Dubai vinyl flooring in your home or not, it is important to know how to restore it. It requires sanding to remove the old finish. Make sure to follow the grain of the wood to avoid cross-grain marks and sandpaper. If you are unsure, hire a professional to help you. However, it is possible for you to perform light refinishing at home by sanding the old finish off and applying a fresh topcoat of varnish.

Style suit your home interior

Regardless of the type of parquet flooring, you’re choosing, you’ll be able to find a style that suits your home’s aesthetic. Remember, however, that older parquet floors are not the easiest to find. They’re also dated compared to newer types of flooring. In addition to its age, a parquet is an environmentally-friendly choice that can be resold at affordable prices.

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Although you can choose any style you’d like, the most popular variations are herringbone and chevron. Herringbone was the most popular flooring trend in 2018, so go ahead and go for it if you’re aiming to give your house a classic look. Herringbone parquet flooring uses rectangular blocks laid in a zigzag pattern to create a mosaic effect. This type of flooring is great for narrow, cramped spaces. It also lends itself to Scandinavian-style interiors.

Most attractive

One of the more popular patterns of parquet flooring is herringbone. The herringbone pattern is one of the oldest and most attractive. It has been used in many historical buildings and has lasted the test of time. While herringbone is the most common pattern, there are also chevron and brick styles. Moreover, you can choose to install single or multiple rows of herringbone patterns in your home. This style is usually installed over an existing floor.


Another popular choice is engineered parquet. Engineered parquet is comprised of multiple layers of wood, with each layer of wood being topped with the desired timber. Both types look similar but are best installed by professionals. Moreover, you can clean parquet flooring using a damp mop or vacuum. The wood used for this type of flooring is relatively durable, and you can even use underfloor heating if you choose to install it in your home.