Top Benefits of Using Post Consumer Recycled Resins

Recycled Resins

Top Benefits of Using Post Consumer Recycled Resins Of all the packaging options on the market, PCR packaging is often cited as the best. It’s easy to see why — it’s attractive, affordable, and best of all, it’s sustainable. By using post-consumer materials, this type of packaging lets would-be waste enjoys a second life as a package for your product. Plastic is the material most commonly associated with this process, but several other post-consumer materials can also be utilized for new purposes. Resin is one of the most versatile of these. It is typically formulated from recycled plastics, but it is ultimately used for the film and container components of packaging. In addition to its eco-friendliness, it’s great for printing graphics and keeping products safe from contamination, too.

Better Customer Relations and Retention

Attracting customers is often viewed as the biggest hurdle that a brand must tackle to become profitable. Once you’ve landed a product on the shelves, it may seem like a success, but the battle is only half won. Your work will pay off at this point if you can attract clientele and incentivize them to buy. If they do indeed bring your product to the checkout, you’ve won, right? Yes and no. Securing a one-time buy is certainly an accomplishment, but true success lies in a brand’s ability to retain its customers — and that’s where custom mylar bags come in.

Custom mylar bags allow you to make your product recognizable, and recognition is at the root of retention. Your customers may pick your product out from the shelf once, but will they repeat this action if they see it again? With the right packaging, yes. The key is customization. You need a packaging solution that uses engaging graphics and effective branding so that your product can be easily seen, recognized, and bought. Mylar is also one of the best materials for preventing contamination and shielding products from odor leakage.


Long-Term Sustainability

Every customer who buys your product will do so for a different reason. Some will be allured by the attractive packaging, while others will be optimistic that the product meets a specific need. You may be surprised by the number of customers who will buy based on your brand’s sustainability. If you create a product that’s attractive and eco-friendly, you’ll be able to attract the attention of a major sector of the consumer population. People care about conscientious consumption more than ever. Offering shoppers an opportunity to feel good about their purchase is one of the quickest ways to gain traction.

Options such as recyclable rollstock packaging can accomplish this while also offering an opportunity to create beautiful graphics for your product. Rollstock is also ideal for brands that have their packaging equipment but need the packaging material itself to be manufactured. A rollstock option allows brands to easily design attractive and eco-friendly packaging while still using it on their schedule. This minimizes waste, saves time, and ensures that your products are packaged as sustainably as possible.

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