Places You Should Explore in Chandigarh 

Places You Should Explore in Chandigarh 

Speaking of Chandigarh, it is the Union Territory in North India. The place is the capital of states of Punjab and Haryana. If you speak of planning, Chandigarh is the most- planned city in the entire country. The city owns architecture that is world-renowned. Actually, Chandigarh is the picture of a dream that Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru actually imagined and Le Corbusier executed. 

The name of this beautiful city was coined by an ancient temple called Chandi Mandir, the temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Chandi. The charm of this city is its charming nature. Yes, tranquillity and a busy city are two fully opposite concepts, and this is something missing from this city of greenery. This beautiful city preserves both the ancientness and contemporary growth on its plate. The finest part is even if you are planning to stay in Chandigarh for some days, you can Book your rooms at jw Marriott Chandigarh and have a wonderful time. To excite you even more, here are some amazing places that you can go to once you are in Chandigarh.

Sukhna Lake- A Manmade Lake!

Nestled in the foothills of Shivalik, Sukhna Lake is a great lake presides amidst scenic surroundings. The lake is well-known and famous among the visitors and local people and it won’t be wrong to say that this amazing spot is a perfect place for the ones who claim to be solitude hunters.

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This wonderful Lake is a man-made lake. With its virgin blue water, the lake works as a perfect place for a stream of early morning walkers as well as joggers. Apart from serving as a treat for shutterbugs as well as artists, the lake is even a place for water sports activities such as yachting, boating, and even water-skiing. Moreover, this area is house to various species of fish and even that of migratory birds like Siberian ducks and even that of cranes. Enclosed by a gorgeous golf course on its south and well known Rose Garden towards west, this lake offers a hypnotic view for its visitors. 

Splendid  Rock Garden

This is the garden that is a symbol of novelty and imagination. This is a charmingly different garden that is dispersed across an amazing area of sixty four acres. This Rock Garden has gorgeously been designed as an open-air exhibition hall. It was built by using urban and industrial wastes by Mr. Nek Chand, who was a former Road Inspector in this beautiful city Chandigarh. 

The Garden is a stunning sculpture garden and it is also called Nek Chand’s Rock Garden. He began this garden secretly in his leisure time in the year of 1957. In the present time, this garden is extensive over a zone of forty acres. The whole area is fully formed up of home and industrial waste and that of even thrown-away stuff. 

Here, many sculptures are formed up of China ware, that of broken ken glass bangles, cast-off fluorescent tubes, and even that of coal and clay premises. You can come across an extensive blend of artistic art, innovation, novelty, and thoughtfulness in the formation of this garden. Perhaps, it is its overall uniqueness and charm that folks from diverse corners of world visit this splendid garden. 

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Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

Spread across a region of more than thirty acres of land, Zakir Hussain Rose Garden in Chandigarh reserves some of the most elegant and that of fascinating collections of roses from India and the world. The garden is named and build in the memory of India’s former president, Zakir Hussain. Simply migrating from diverse areas of the country, a collection of more than sixteen hundred species of 50,00 rose plantations may be discovered here.

Iskcon Temple

If you are a spiritual person then you must not miss out on this temple. Tranquil and religious, the Iskcon Temple is one of the hugest places to visit in Chandigarh, mainly for the spiritual people and devotees of Lord Krishan. From daily poojas to that of customary celebrations throughout the year, every corner of this splendid temple talks about purity and devotion toward the lords.

In the neighborhood of the temple are an array of shops where memorabilia’s and sweets amidst others can be bought. Surrounding the spot is a land encapsulated with dense grass and greenery. Activities such as picnics are finest enjoyed by families here, mainly on a bright and sunny day. You can be sure that you have a peaceful and tranquil time therein.

Beautiful Terrace garden 

Spotted in sector 33 of Chandigarh, Terraced Garden is an acknowledged and popular spot, celebrated for its luxurious collection of vibrant flowers and lanky trees. Founded in the year 1979, the splendid garden is covered in more than ten acres of land. Since its inception, new and diverse species of tropics, shrugs, and flowers have been constantly been added to the zone making it one of the most fascinating places to visit in the region of Chandigarh.

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Topiary Park

Constructed for the little lads, the Topiary Park in Chandigarh is ornamented with fresh cut creeps, bush and even that of plants in diverse shapes of animals including elephants, beers, and more. The park was founded in the year 1987 and it’s huge orientation has gradually grown into a favourite place amidst children. Come on, you will have a nice time therein!

Museum And Art Gallery

Grasping a grand exhibition of diverse Pahari and Rajasthani paintings, Gandharan sculptures, decorative arts, and even that of more, the museum is definitely one of the most exquisite tourist fascinations in Chandigarh. A great place to learn and adore the rich history of the country, the museum is a must type of visit. If you are an artistic or historian kind of person, you should definitely go to this place. You are surely going to love it.


To sum up, you can Book your rooms at jw Marriott Chandigarh and ensure that you have a great time for sure. Of course, once you stay at a place that is luxurious, you would have a good time.

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