Pipes inspection of draining pipes, why do it?

draining pipes

The blockages of drains, pipes and main drains are daily due to not performing maintenance or simply not following the recommendations for the use of the pipes. However, the Nrc plumbing service can help you solve this problem immediately.

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Plugs are almost always generated deep in the sewer pipes, and as a result, we cannot detect why the slow discharging of water is happening.

We are contacting a professional plumbing service or an expert plumber who has the necessary instruments and tools to unclog the pipe successfully.

Why might a drain be blocked?

There are many reasons why the drainage of the pipes is slow or continuously obstructed. It is precise with the video inspection camera equipment that the exact origin of the blockage is indicated and if the cause is root intrusion, broken, or misaligned. Of the pipe or plugged.

In plumbing, a camera inspection is the most effective method for locating problem areas within drain lines.

What to do with a slow drain?

If you have already realized that several drains in your home or business premises are not working correctly, then it is time to call a plumber to help you solve the problem from the root.

However, we can give you some recommendations to avoid major problems in the future.

The first thing you should avoid is throwing very large solid waste through the drains of the sink, sink, dishwasher, and shower. For example, in the case of showers, hair and hair are the main elements that begin to form a plug in the pipes.

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Food or drink

On the other hand, food or drink debris in dishwashers helps form plugs that lead to sewer line failures. Coffee grounds are one of the most famous wastes that cause problems.

Also, do not throw materials such as baby towels, diapers, or sanitary napkins down the drain. Toilet paper is designed to break down quickly with water, but avoid using it in large quantities.

Also, do not remove corrosive agents such as chemical liquids. This type of element considerably reduces the useful life of the pipes, especially if they are made of iron.

If you follow these practical tips, you can keep your pipes in good condition and save yourself a lot of trouble, time, and, above all, money on expensive repairs.

Increase expense:

If we ignore the inspection it may cause heavy expense. But Nrc offers you pipes inspection services at comparatively low prices. We have experts and highly skilled team that have experience of handling all kinds of pipes issues.

Easy to contact:

You can easily contact us. Nrc-gravco.no offers you online booking services. So you can fix a appointment online according to your comfort.

Final words

Finally, we recommend that you call a plumbing service at least once a year to carry out preventive maintenance and even minor repairs to avoid major problems. So if you are looking for professional plumbing services we are always available at your services.

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