Physical Therapy When You are Hurt in an Auto Accident

physical therapy in Bowling Green Toledo

Physical therapy is often prescribed for people who have sustained injuries in an auto accident. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we work with a variety of clients who have been in an accident and need treatment to overcome pain, stiffness, and poor range of motion. If you need physical therapy in Bowling Green, Toledo, Fairborn, or Lambertville, MI, we are centrally located to meet all of your physical therapy needs.

Assessing Your Auto Accident Injuries

When you work with a physical therapist here at PT Link Physical Therapy, you will get the care you deserve to get back to the activities you love after an auto accident. Our physical therapist will go through a careful evaluation, asking you about your symptoms to provide you with the right treatment. A medical history will be taken, and a treatment plan will be developed to determine your physical therapy goals.

Treatment With Physical Therapy in Bowling Green

Your physical therapy treatment in Fairborn, Toledo, and the surrounding area will be scheduled several times a week at the beginning of your care. Physical therapy is progressive, and it is most beneficial when you go to consistent appointments each week. You will work with a physical therapist on a range of motion and strengthening exercises, and stretching you can do at home to recover from your minor injury. Your treatment may consist of soft tissue mobilization, ultrasound, massage, hot or cold therapy, and education for a home exercise program.

Complementary Therapies and Physical Therapy

When you are going to physical therapy after an auto accident, you can also see a variety of treatment providers to address your injuries. Physical therapy can be an excellent complementary therapy or be used as the only treatment for your injuries. When you have soft tissue injuries, tight muscles, and feel sore, massage is also an excellent therapy to utilize as you recover. Although a physical therapist does not prescribe medication, your primary care physician can treat you with medication as needed for your injuries that aren’t going to interfere with your treatment.

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What to Expect During Physical Therapy

As you work with a physical therapist for back pain, neck pain, poor range of motion, or mobility issues, you can expect to get the care you need to heal your body. Physical therapy shouldn’t hurt. Any exercises you are taught to do at home need to be done with care. If something is too painful, stop the exercise and let your physical therapist know. When you receive treatment in the office, you will work with our physical therapist to address your treatment goals. As you heal from your injuries, you will begin to see the physical therapist less frequently.

At PT Link Physical Therapy, we are here to help you recover from your auto accident injuries with compassionate, quality care. If you live in Dearborn, Toledo, Fairborn, or Lambertville, MI, we are centrally located to make it easy for you to attend physical therapy. Contact us today at [Direct] and learn more about your options when it comes to healing from your auto accident injuries.

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