Perhaps you are looking for superb nail art tips?

Perhaps you are looking for superb nail art tips?

Today, galglitter is here to share a hair-raising, beautiful recommendation: nail art!

Some fairies may not have the habit of doing nail art. I know it must be because you have not encountered the style of your heart. If you see a nail style that shines in front of your eyes and hits your heart, which fairy doesn’t want it to jump on your fingertips?

If you don’t do nail art often, you may not know much about the types of nail art and their advantages and disadvantages, so here I will help you briefly explain and sort it out so that you can

Choose a more suitable nail art according to your own situation.

Now there are three common nail art materials on the market: galglitter nail polish, environmentally friendly QQ nails, and phototherapy nails.

There are two types of nail polish; one is regular nail polish, which requires nail polish remover to remove; however, this nail polish should not stay on the nails for too long, and it is best to remove it within a week’s time. Otherwise, the nails will turn white and yellow due to the chemical ingredients in the nail polish eroding for a long time. (If the nail polish ingredients are not good, serious nail lesions can occur. So babies must be careful to remove nail polish regularly.)

The other is now a very popular tearable nail polish. No need to remove the nail water can easily tear it off; it is more convenient!

The eco-friendly QQ nail is now the most chosen and the most cost-effective. I also recommend doing this. It is more durable and less likely to fall off compared to nail polish. And because it has a base coat, it will not cause aggressive damage to the nails. However, it is necessary to use nail glue and a nail lamp with nail therapy nails.

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The nail glue is lighter and more breathable than phototherapy nails, so not only do you not need to repeatedly apply glue to the light, but you can also greatly shorten the lighting time compared to phototherapy nails. The operation is more hassle-free, and it is also better to remove.

The last type is the light therapy nail. The nail glue is better than the environmentally friendly QQnail, so it is more suitable for the nail style with diamonds, and it is not easy to make the nail accessories fall off. If a baby with short nails wants to extend their nails to do the style, nail therapy is also a good “fake” nail material. (Fake nails can also be used with stick-on nail pieces, but the fit is not as good as phototherapy gel.)

The advantage of nail therapy is that if your baby has long nails, nail therapy will strengthen your nails. But the disadvantage is that the nail surface will be very thick because of the nail glue; it does not look as beautiful as QQ nail light.

A lot of babies don’t like to do eco-friendly nails or phototherapy nails that require lights because they are afraid of tanning their hands with long hours of light. When you do nail art at a nail salon, you can pay attention to whether the nail art light is labeled as LED or UVLED.

These two types of light will not tan hands, the UV source is more stable and penetrating, so it will also greatly shorten the lighting time. (If there is no indication of an LED or UVLED nail lamp, avoid using oh.)

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Many babies do not know what kind of nail shape they are suitable for and do not dare to try easily, fearing that the effect is not good and can not be redone. Here to teach the baby to distinguish their own nail type, to choose a more suitable for their nail shape.

Generally speaking, nail art should be done with a certain length of the nail so that it looks better than short nails that are cut to the edge of the nail bed. (Of course, there are also nail styles for short nails, which we will talk about later)

The ratio of the nail is generally best when the tip of the nail grows a quarter of the length of the nail. You can elongate your finger proportions, but not too long and unhygienic or easy to break.

Some babies have the habit of chewing their nails or cutting them bald, which is not conducive to healthy nail development. To quickly raise the nails up ~

The first step in nail care is to wait for it to grow long. During this time, you must resist the urge to chew it and cut it or do anything to it that prevents it from growing. Slowly, you will find that your nail bed looks better, and then you can start to trim it a little!

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