Ideas For A Perfect Disney Themed Wedding


Include everything you love about fairytale endings in your wedding, from swoon-worthy ball gowns to beautiful guided tours into the sunset. Not sure how to go about it?

We offer ideas for every type of wedding, from Disney wedding favors to magical wedding day accessories, whether you want to completely embrace your love of the franchise or are searching for discreet ways to incorporate it.

A Disney-themed wedding can be planned in a variety of ways. Colors from classic films can be used, fairytale-themed venues can be booked, and Disney love phrases can be included in your vows.

Invitations to a Disney Wedding

Choose a Disney-themed stationery set or draw inspiration from your favorite movie.

Include a magnetic “pass” to Disney World with your save-the-dates as a tribute to the Disney charm. It can be kept in your visitors’ refrigerators until the big day.

  1. Include a figure in your flat for a charming and delicate touch, whether you’re a lover of Spirit or just enjoy all the horses in Disney.
  1. Incorporate any beach-themed Disney film (think Moana or Lilo & Stitch) into your wedding celebrations. We adore the idea of having a tropical Disney-themed wedding with matching Disney wedding invitations.
  1. Disney wedding themes aren’t always light and fluffy. Take a page from Alice in Wonderland and use dark stationery with bright colors.
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Wedding Decorations from Disney

Your fantastic idea will come to life with a few Disney wedding decorations. Here are a handful of our personal favorites.

Wedding Photobooth with a Twist

Every Disney element does not have to be extravagant. Take, for example, this charming photo booth that is both stylish and functional. You can flaunt your enthusiasm for the film Up as your visitors snap great photographs in front of it.

Floating Lanterns Inspired by Tangled

While the floating lanterns in Tangled are all white, we love the notion of adding bright colors for your wedding.

Mirror from Beauty and the Beast

If you’re apprehensive to incorporate Disney decor into your wedding, do it before the big day. Incorporate a mirror inspired by Beauty and the Beast into your getting-ready area.

Cake Topper Inspired by Dumbo

We’re going back to one of the original Disney movies, Dumbo. Use an elephant-shaped cake topper to show your love for the film.

Invest in a Disney-themed “Love” sign for your wedding reception. It can be used not only as decor on the big day but also as a prop in photographs.

Cake Topper with Mickey and Minnie

For your wedding reception, there is nothing more iconic than a Mickey and Minnie Mouse cake topper.

Cake Topper for the Avengers

Plan a fantastic wedding. For a delightful surprise, place your favorite Avengers on top of your cake.

Cake Topper with a Disney Theme

We adore this unique Disney wedding concept. Have each pair pick their favorite Disney character, and then put them together on top of the cake.

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Ideas for Disney Weddings

Outside of paper goods and décor, there are so many ways to add fairytale magic to your wedding. Below are some of our favorite Disney wedding ideas.

Wedding Welcome Wall with a Twist

Begin by welcoming your visitors to the ultimate adventure. Take a page from Up and use balloons to surround a wall of welcome cocktails. (This is a fantastic idea for brunch weddings.)

Wedding Venue in a Castle

Exchange vows at a castle for the ultimate dream wedding. String lights can be used to create a wonderful atmosphere at night.

Princess and the Frog is a Disney animated film. Parade of the Second Line

The Princess and the Frog are situated in New Orleans, where the Second Line is a tradition. Make your procession to pay honor to the film.

We recommend collaborating with a professional wedding planner to pull off the magical event. They’ll be able to pull off a Disney-themed wedding while maintaining the elegance of a traditional wedding.

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