Parking Lock Efficiency and How Can You Benefit

Parking Lock

The market stands rife with tonnes with parking lock systems which include smart and automatic locks, remote-operated locks, and manual locks. The idea of getting down from the car just to prop up or bring down the support rod every time your car gets inside and takes an exit from the parking area is time-consuming and very inconvenient. Especially if the parking space is established under the open space and it is raining cats and dogs.

Why Automatic Locks are better than Manual Locks?

Manual ones lack the anti-collision property which means if you hit the parking lock by mistake then the car would be not only be damaged but also the entire lock system goes faulty. This is the reason, why remote-operating parking barriers came into existence. Thanks to the automatic and smart parking latches, the owner no longer has to move out of the car to deal with all this manually. They can rather get it done from inside the car.

Parking Locks and Their Primary Functions

The Major Advantages of installing locks in parking areas:

With the recent advent of mobile technology, the function of the locks is no longer limited to restricting others from taking up their parking spaces and allowing parking of cars almost any time of the day. These are also authorized to allow you to share parking spaces with your desired people.

Voltage Resistant

The parking lock features aluminium alloy die casting. They aren’t only elegant but also flaunt robust stability. The maximum resistance against voltage is 2 tons.

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Parking Lock
Parking Lock
Keeps Your Parking Space Protected

The parking lock is one of the greatest advents of technologies that can keep your parking space safe, so much that you can enjoy its convenience. The parking lock will immediately stop the unverified vehicles from taking up your space. They are great for all kinds of use; commercial, rental and residential.

Ultra-Long Range Infrared Remote Control

The parking barriers are enabled with ultra-sensitive and long-range infrared remote operation, which is responsible for controlling it in up and down swift motion. The pressure performance of these has the ability to be controlled from a distance. There is almost no disturbance if there is a small hurdle between the lock and the car.

Reliability and Strength

Thanks to the one-time die casting technology used for moulding, it effectively improves both the reliability and the strength of the parking lock. The locks are easy to install and also have a smart lock system, followed by durability and a strong structure. No one wants to spend extra money on the maintenance of such an extensive area frequently. This is cost-effective for all.

Completely Waterproof

The airtight design of such locks makes them resistant to water, and hence they can handle all types of weather conditions. This gives you the freedom to install them anywhere you like in your outdoor space. The reason these are weather resistant makes them easy to use outdoors. Not all parking lots are indoors and hence the people who park their cars outside need not worry anymore

One of the standard features is that the alarm instantly activates when your car goes near its sans having to press any button, which can protect both your park lock and vehicle effectively. The parking lock is one of the best ways to keep your car safe.

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Any owner who promotes enhanced safety and security should always install a smart parking lock to ensure the property’s effective management promotion. It will not only improve the standard of the property but also maintains the satisfaction of the property owner.

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