5 Reasons That Pakistan Real Estate Market is Moving Online

Pakistan Real Estate Market

Pakistan Real Estate Moving Online

The invention of the internet changed everything around the world. The real estate industry in Pakistan is no exception. As a result, the entire real estate process has been revamped for the buyer and the seller. Henceforth, today’s buyer is exposed to thousands of properties with the click of a phone’s screen; however, previously, if an individual was looking for properties, he had to search in newspaper advertisements, “Land for Sale” signs or visit the real estate agent’s office day and night until he was fortunate enough to find a property that he liked. Fortunately, the real estate market of Pakistan is moving online, and surveys have revealed that 90% of buyers utilize the internet while searching for properties. There are several reasons why the real estate market in Pakistan is moving online, and we will be discussing the top 5 reasons.

Furthermore, Nova City Islamabad is a fantastic real estate project established in Capital City. They have also utilized the internet to provide information to the residents about the housing scheme. Therefore, the reasons for Nova City using online platforms is also more or less similar to why Pakistan real estate market is moving online.

Real-Time Updates

One major reason for the real estate market moving online is the feasibility of attaining updates in real-time. In the classic era of real estate, the firms could only maintain listings of the land for sale on a temporary scale, such as once per day or even once per week for certain publications. Luckily, today’s web database enables near-instantaneous updates and changes. Therefore, agents and buyers do not waste resources while chasing homes that are now unavailable. Moreover, the real estate market moving online has introduced third parties, enabling buyers to have easy access to records of properties. Thus, the feasibility and access for buyers have immensely improved since, in previous times, only licensed agents had access to the documents and listings.

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Feasible Purchasing Process

Another reason Pakistan’s real estate market is moving online is that the whole purchasing process is usually more accessible than ever since the internet has revolutionized the banking & data sectors. Furthermore, what used to take weeks or months, from settling financial problems to discovering the perfect mortgage to digital signature via “The Cloud,” now requires just days. Moreover, the pandemic and COVID-19 disturb the way homes are traditionally sold, with open houses being postponed and video tours substituting in-person home showings. As individuals avoid personal contact to prevent transmitting the virus, purchasing online makes it more logical. Henceforth, buying a home from afar can be an attractive and time-saving choice.

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Profitable Marketing through Social Media

Social media is a very prevalent part of our life, and with a press of a button, buyers, sellers and agents share ads, property information, and so much more.  Social media has entirely altered the way we used to share information about new land for sale. Every social media platform is now being utilized in real estate ranging from Twitter and Instagram to Messenger and Snapchat. In Pakistan, no one bothers with the “For Sale” flyers and brochures. Furthermore, social media is an incredible resource for consumers who want to purchase a property, and it has a substantial impact on each stage of the decision-making process. Formerly, there was a time when it was essential for the parties involved in the real estate market to use lawn signs and advertisements. However, now the client is more informed and actively searching for properties online because of rapid technological advancements. Despite that, it is unlikely that a buyer will pay a deposit after reading a few posts or tweets but having said that, a great social media plan might assist in achieving incredible outcomes.

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Enhanced Visuals

The importance of excellent visual photographs can never be overemphasized. The graphics and images of the property for sale can make or break a potential deal. Furthermore, a mediocre online aesthetic will drop the property to the bottom of the pile even if the house is perfectly groomed, impeccably refurbished, and listed at a budget-friendly price. Hence, excellent photography has become an essential element of the purchase process, with numerous agencies even offering aerial footage and VR – based tours! Therefore, enhanced visuals are another reason why Pakistan real estate market is moving online.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have conveniently enabled individuals to purchase and sell anything they want since practically everything is available at the click of a button. In addition, research indicates that millennials and generation X found a home using their cellular devices. Furthermore, since the real estate market is highly competitive, it’s crucial to stay on top if you want to be visible in this ambitious real estate environment. Furthermore, real estate businesses in Pakistan can use mobile technologies to sell their assets and solutions to a global audience with the help of internet advertising, email marketing, and enhancing brand awareness.

Moreover, Agents can also establish databases that enable them to tailor unique properties to a certain client grouping. These agents spent a lot of time on the road, viewing or selling properties, and mobile devices aid them in staying connected. Also, the prices of mobiles in Pakistan is very reasonable so everyone have mobiles to do anything.


The internet has significantly improved the real estate process, and most clients begin their searches online. However, individuals still prefer hiring an agent since finding an appropriate property seems like a challenging task to them. Thus, even though the internet aids in the real estate process, a professional usually filters the information. Moreover, current circumstances have made it evident that Pakistan real estate market moving online is a positive step for the overall real estate sector.

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