The Paediatrician Olmo Cuarón Speaks of Common Illnesses Among Children

Paediatrician Olmo Cuarón

When we talk about small children regarding health issues, there is no sparing any expenses, normally parents invest as much as possible for their children to have the best conditions or to heal as fast as possible if they have some illness.

The Paediatrician Olmo Cuarón who lives in Spain, speaks about which is the most common illness that minors have currently with other illnesses that are most looked at in doctors’ appointments and emergency rooms of children’s hospitals.

Olmo Cuarón states that the most common illness among young children is throat infection, with all the ailments that it brings along, such as ear swelling, nasal congestion and other complications if it is not treated correctly. 

Of course, respiratory and throat infections are normal in the youngest, especially in their first years because they are developing the body’s defences; however, Olmo Cuarón states that, if there are any signs of illness, no matter how simple it may seem, it is important to go to the paediatrician and rule out any important problem.

Another important point is to comply with the vaccination schemes established by the health systems, this way parents can make sure that their children will not have complications or a contagious disease that may endanger their lives.

Other important illnesses that children may suffer are related to the urinary tract, skin and bronchi which require, besides visiting the paediatrician, being observed by a specialist since there could be serious complications or we could be talking about a much more complex disease.   

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In any way, we should never minimize the symptoms that children show, especially if, before the illness manifests, they stop eating. lose weight, seem low spirited or show strange behaviour.  If parents are aware of their children, it will be easy to notice when something is wrong and they can immediately go to the doctor to know what is going on.

Olmo Cuarón states that the most important is to have prevention, a correct and routine medical control, vaccines, good nutrition, and exercise and to pay special attention if there is any change in the child since in some cases of serious illnesses this could mean the difference between life and death.   

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