OSRS – What Makes the Spectral Spirit Shield Stand Out?


If you’re looking to get the Spectral Spirit Shield, then you’re in for something great.

Having items that you can use to defend yourself is going to be key in Old School RuneScape. Many players often use their OSRS gold on items such as shields, or they’ll enhance their skills to make their own. There are opportunities to get shields from drops too, which is the case for the Spectral Spirit Shield.

The Spectral Spirit Shield

In Old School Runescape, you can acquire shields known as Spirit Shields. One of these shields is the Spectral Shield. This is obtained by attaching a certain sigil to the Blessed Spirit Shield. The sigil that we need is a rare drop from the formidable Corporeal Beast. When you get the Spectral Sigil, you’ll then be able to combine it with the right shield as mentioned.

There are some skill requirements to meet here. Firstly, to wield the Spectral Shield, we’re going to need to up our skills to level 75 defense. We’ll also need 65 magic and 70 prayers so that we are able to wield the shield. However, those are not the only level requirements that we need to reach. To go through the process of attaching the sigil to the shield, your prayer needs to be at level 90, and your smithing at 85.

If you are not able to reach these levels, then there is a way for you to bypass it in exchange for OSRS GP. When you have the Blessed Spirit Shield, you can then take it to the Edgeville Monastery. Upon arrival, take the shield and the sigil to Abbot Langley. This is where investment in OSRS gold needs to come in. For this process to be completed in this way, you will need to pay a fee of 1,500,000 OSRS gold. If you’re short on gold, it might be worth finding OSRS gold for sale. Players that are going to buy OSRS gold should ensure they are using a site that has trusted OSRS gold resources.

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Fans of the series who are familiar with Runescape 2 may recognize the shield a little more. The reason for this is that the shield looks similar to how it does in the second Runescape entry. There is a small change in appearance when compared with the normal model. You may notice that there is an added handle to the shield, which is one of the only differences in appearance.

Is it Worth it?

This is the big question regarding the Spectral Spirit Shield. It isn’t the easiest item for you to get a hold of, and will take a lot of gold or commitment to be able to get it. With that in mind, it’s going to have to be something special if we’re going to set out to obtain one of our own.

Thankfully, the Spectral Spirit Shield has some great stats to go with it. As a matter of fact, it has the best magic defense bonus of all shields in Old School Runescape. The bonuses that you get are the same as they are with the Blessed Spirit Shield where melee and ranged defense are concerned, though the +30 magic defense bonus makes it far superior. If you want to go with a version of the shield that favors a magic attack bonus of the same amount instead, then check out the Arcane Spirit Shield.

That isn’t the only way in which the shield stands out from the crowd. The Spectral Spirit Shield also has a passive effect that is unique to the item. With this effect, you can cut down how effective attacks are that would normally drain your prayer. This cut down is by 50%, which is a significant amount in certain situations. One such situation would be when battling Cerberus. When Summoned Souls are used, they would normally drain 30 prayer points. When using the shield, this would be reduced to 15 points.

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This passive effect was not as effective as it is now. Prior to February 2017, you could only make the most of the passive effect with Summoned Souls which would be used in the Cerberus battle. However, an update made by developers made it so that the passive effect of the Spectral Spirit Shield would actually be effective against all prayer-draining attacks.

This is one of the more special OSRS items for sale, so be sure to go and grab it. Or, if you’re willing to cut down the massive health pool of the Corporeal Beast, then fingers crossed you get the sigil that you need.

Do you have this OSRS spectral shield? Let us know in the comments section below!

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