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The beauty of online casinos is that you don’t have to put on your best costume to feel the low thrills of a casino메이저놀이터. However, many young people need to be aware of many features of online casinos mantap168. The world of online casinos is surrounded by jargon that can confuse even seasoned gamblers. So, to help you better understand slot machines, we have created this guide to online casinos at Hellspins Slots understanding.

Online Casino Terminology – Vocabulary

all or nothing

A player wins if he has all the cards. For example, if he has all the numbers in Keno, he wins.


Amount of money used for the game. Your bankroll will be displayed.

Basic slot

These are single-line slot machines with fixed jackpots. A convenient slot machine for those new to online casino gambling. It’s light and easy to carry.

Bonus feature

Almost all online gambling machines have bonus features that create amazing features, such as bonus games and free kits. Please look at our expert guides for your favorite gambling machines to get an idea of the bonus features.

 Cascade coil

This is an online space 메이저놀이터feature where every winning line is replaced with a new spinning wheel.

Casino bonus

Many online casinos offer sign-up bonuses, and here at HellSpins, we have tons of new customer offers. But don’t worry if you are already a customer, as we always do something for everyone. You can find out about the latest casino bonuses and other offers at bookmakers in Unibet’s promotions tab.

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Casino tournament

A tournament where casino players play to win a certain amount of money. The purpose is to play casino games such as slot machines and compete on the board. Each casino tournament is different and lasts for a while. Some casino tournaments allow you to win a share of $25,000, but popular casino tournaments focus on $5,000 slot machine competitions.


The amount to bet on each line. Remember how much you bet before you spin.

Special post

HellSpins offers some exclusive slot machines in our community. You can see which game is special in the first picture of the game.

Extended joke

It has a wild, special kind of stretch mark that covers the entire tractor. By doing so, you can create winning combinations and generate big wins.

Free spins

An extra spin on a slot machine can be played without placing a bet. It is usually offered as a casino bonus. Free spins can be earned while playing online slots but can also be rewarded by placing bets at the bookmaker’s window or activating promotions.

High roller

A player is known to invest heavily and place bets in online casinos. Their potential costs are high, but so are their risks.


A jackpot is the highest amount of money an online machine can pay. Some slot machines offer random jackpots, while others offer progressive jackpots. Progressive Jackpot games add a portion of your wager to the full jackpot, which means that the more you and other players play, the bigger the jackpot. For more information, visit

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Summary Well, now that you’ve learned a lot about slot online mantap168 releases, it’s time to test your knowledge at HellSpins Casino. We offer a wide variety of slots for every taste. If you’re new to online ropes, don’t worry – there are many guides to help you,

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