Natural beauty: which floral water to choose?

floral water

The floral water, or hydrosol, is a product of aromatherapy that can be used as part of a natural beauty routine. There are many floral glasses of water, each with its unique benefits and properties. A multitude of uses are available to you: on the face, hair, and even the body, the hydrosol is suitable for all skin types and allows gentle treatment of many skin conditions. If rose floral water and cornflower water are the most famous, they are not the only ones to be full of virtues. Pharma GDD tells you everything you need to know about floral waters and gives you advice on how to choose them and use them daily.

Floral water: how is it made?

In aromatherapy, there is on the one hand essential oil and, on the other hand, hydrosol. Both products come from the same manufacturing process, by steam distillation of plants. It can be flowers, leaves, bark, and sometimes fruit. The chosen crude product is placed in a still with water heated up to 100 °C to obtain steam. This releases the active molecules present in the plant. It then passes through a cold corridor which transforms it into a two-phase liquid composed of essential oil and hydrosol. Be careful, however, not to confuse them! The essential oil is very concentrated in active ingredients and should be used with great caution, especially in children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and people with epilepsy. Conversely, floral water consists of water evaporated during the extraction operation. It contains only tiny traces of essential oil and can therefore be used by a large number of people. Thus, apart from specific allergies to plants, there is no contraindication to the use of hydrosols.

The multiple uses of floral water

Floral water is mainly used in the field of cosmetics, as a natural facial treatment. It can be integrated into the daily beauty routine for all skin types (combination, oily, dry, normal). It also has the advantage of being compatible with many skin conditions, depending on the plant selected for its manufacture. People suffering from skin problems such as acne, rosacea (rosacea), or eczema can thus turn to hydrosols. Readout to know excellent kewra water uses for your body and natural beauty benefits. 

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Floral water for the face

If you are looking for beautiful skin, floral water is ideal. In the morning, it can be used as a tonic lotion to wake up the skin, eliminate any residue of night cream and prepare the epidermis for the following treatments. In the evening, the hydrosol helps to perfect make-up removal, eliminate limescale and soothe the skin after cleansing the face. Unlike other products, it is possible to let the floral water air dry because it is isotonic, that is, its load of mineral salts is similar to that of the skin. It will therefore not have a drying effect.

If you are a fan of homemade cosmetics, the hydrosol will allow you to achieve a tailor-made natural facial treatment, adapted to the needs of your skin. It can also replace tap water when you prepare a face mask from a powdery ingredient (clay, rhassoul). Finally, do not hesitate to use floral water in compresses, on targeted areas of the face that require special attention. Soak a soft cotton ball in the hydrosol of your choice then leave on for five to ten minutes.

Floral water for the body

This use is less well known but I know that it is quite possible to use a hydrosol on the skin of the body. After a sunburn or a burn, it relieves the feeling of heating and promotes skin regeneration. If you are waxing or using an electric epilator, floral water helps soothe any irritation and limit the feeling of burning. Finally, you can use a hydrosol to make an aromatic bath and enjoy an atmosphere worthy of a spa. Lavender and orange blossom are two floral glasses of water particularly recommended for this use. 

Floral water for hair

Hair can also benefit from the benefits of hydrosols. These can be used after shampooing or conditioner, as rinse water. They eliminate limescale, bring softness, shine, and suppleness to the hair fiber. Chamomile floral water is ideal for illuminating and enhancing the highlights of blonde hair. If you are looking to treat a particular hair problem, try adding hydrosol to your routine. Sage, for example, is ideal for people with oily hair because it helps regulate excess sebum in the scalp. It would also help curb hair loss.

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Which floral water to choose?

Do you want to get started with using floral waters but don’t know which one to choose? To help you, we offer a wide selection according to the different types of skin. Note that your choice can be made on a single hydrosol but that you can also combine them to benefit from a wider action on the skin.

Hydrosols for dry and sensitive skin

Vulnerable to external aggressions (weather conditions, pollution, tobacco, etc.), dry and sensitive skin needs great softness in its beauty routine. To meet their needs, you must choose floral water with soothing, calming, and revitalizing properties. Among the many hydrosols available, we recommend those of lemon balm, Roman chamomile, orange blossom, cornflower, or linden. These plant-active ingredients will help reduce feelings of discomfort such as itching, tightness, or redness.

If your skin shows typical signs of rosacea, favor the floral waters of witch hazel, cistus, or Italian helichrysum (immortelle). In vaporization or compresses during periods of crisis, they will reduce the feeling of heating, redness, and tone the small blood vessels of the face. Italian helichrysum floral water is also indicated for hematoma, eczema, or sunburn.

The best floral waters for combination to oily skin

Combination to oily skin is often prone to skin problems: pimples, blackheads, excess sebum, shine… Several floral glasses of water can meet the needs of this type of skin. Lavender hydrosol will, for example, provide its regulatory properties and control sebum production. Witch hazel is also suitable because it has astringent (tightens the pores) and antibacterial properties which will help limit the appearance of imperfections. If you have a combination of oily skin, also turn to purify hydrosols: geranium, green tea, peppermint, tea tree …

Normal skin: the traditional rose water

The rose water is undoubtedly the queen hydrolats. It is a priori suitable for all skin types and more particularly for normal skin which does not encounter any particular problem. Applied morning and evening, it brings many benefits. Thus, rose water is hydrating, toning, illuminating, and anti-aging. It helps to have beautiful skin by fighting against a dull complexion and the appearance of the first signs of skin aging. Rosewater revives radiance and limits signs of fatigue.

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Cornflower water: a great ally for your eyes

Small bonus concerning cornflower water: it is very famous for the care of the eye contour. Due to its decongestant action, it helps reduce bags under the eyes while calming irritation. It is ideal for eyes that are sensitive, tired, or prone to allergic reactions. If you work on a computer all day, consider cornflower water compresses, to be left on the cleansed eyes for five to ten minutes.

Choosing the right floral water

To choose floral water, you must, first of all, take into account your skin type and any skin problems you want to treat. Then be sure to observe the composition. The terms “floral water” or “hydrosol” should appear clearly on the product, which should ideally be pure (undiluted) and contain 100% floral water. Avoid hydrosols containing alcohol, preservatives, and prefer certified organic formulas. Floral waters are generally packaged in tinted (blue or brown) and opaque bottles. This protects them from light and preserves their properties as much as possible.

The perfume can also be an important criterion in the choice of a hydrosol. A scent that is pleasant to you will encourage you to use the product daily. However, attendance is often the guarantee of efficiency. Except for rose water, hydrosols do not have the same odor as the plant from which they come. Keep in mind that a strong smell is a sign of a high concentration of active ingredients. Before choosing your floral water, make sure that no added perfume is included in its composition.

What you must remember

Indispensable in a natural beauty routine, floral water (or hydrosol) is full of benefits which in particular allow you to have beautiful skin. Face, body, or hair, floral water can be used in many ways and meets many needs. It is suitable for all skin types, including in the event of pathologies such as acne or rosacea. However, care must be taken to choose the hydrosol adapted to your needs. Rosewater and cornflower water are the most famous but there are many others: chamomile, geranium, witch hazel, orange blossom, linden, immortelle … In all cases, hydrosol combines care and the pleasure of use thanks to its aromatic dimension.