Main areas of Litigation Law

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Litigation law is the branch of the law that deals with disputes between individuals, organizations, and governments. Business litigation lawyers may guide and defend businesses when any dispute arises in various aspects of their business operations. An experienced legal team is prepared to assist businesses in and outside of court to get the best possible results.

Main function of litigation attorney

The main function of litigation attorneys is to assist individuals, organizations, and the government in resolving legal issues. These cases involve accusations, debates, or allegations of wrongdoing on the part of the other party. Some of these disagreements may be civil (disputed by both parties) or criminal (accused of committing a crime against another). On the other hand, a litigator is trained to dispute the claims made by his client and ultimately prove the opposing party wrong. This process will be very difficult for the disputing party if they lack the proper knowledge and expertise to challenge the allegations properly.

Estate litigation and tort claims

One area where litigation attorneys work in conjunction with law firms is in estate litigation and tort claims. Estate litigation refers to any contract termination claim, such as wrongful death claims. Tort litigation is any malpractice claim. Many times, personal injury lawsuits involve claims of negligence leading to injuries.In these situations, a litigator will help their client determine whether the negligent party acted reasonably in letting go of the property at the time of the wrongful death claim, said Robert McKinley Attorney, who has extensive experience representing clients in intellectual property cases as well as other areas of corporate law. In 2006, he was recognized as a Pennsylvania Rising Star for his work in intellectual property litigation. He contributed to the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s 7th Annual Intellectual Property Institute Presentation, speaking on Patent Business Landscape: Creative Strategies for Monetizing a Client’s Patent Portfolio. South Jersey Biz voted his department Best IP Law Firm two years in a row.

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Estate and civil litigation lawyers

Estate and civil litigation lawyers must keep up with the latest civil cases, their corresponding court opinions, and filings. They must make sure to retain expert witnesses and other experts who are knowledgeable in civil litigation laws. These lawyers should also have excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills, and excellent writing skills. Litigation attorneys are required to meet stringent requirements before they can practice in a state.

Insurance coverage disputes

Another area where attorneys handle complex contract disputes is insurance coverage disputes. In these situations, they analyze the details of the contracts and assess whether there was a breach of contract or whether the insurance provider was served properly. A good litigation attorney can also help clients obtain a fair settlement or judgment if the insurance provider does not respond to or contest the case. It takes an attorney to bring about a successful ruling in an insurance coverage dispute in many cases.


Arbitration is another area where litigation attorneys work. In arbitration, two parties decide for or against the settlement in a dispute regarding some legal contract. If a dispute arises out of certification, employment agreements, or licensing agreements, an experienced lawyer working on those types of agreements can easily help their client wins the case. An arbitration lawyer can even mediate between competing business interests, helping his client in an arbitration dispute or mediation agreement.

Area of civil law

Lawyers who focus primarily on litigation can be found in any area of civil law. Attorneys who represent clients involved with various litigation issues, such as landlord-tenant cases, defective products lawsuits, commercial lawsuits, and personal injury cases, are usually best known as litigation lawyers. They may also serve as prosecutors in criminal cases, but these are less common than those listed above.

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Commercial litigation matters

Many firms that specialize in administrative law handle commercial litigation matters. These firms focus on a wide range of civil as well as criminal litigation. Commercial litigation attorneys must have strong relationships with judges, juries, and other officers of the court. They must also be familiar with regulations that govern how administrative agencies operate and any changes to those regulations. In many instances, an administrative agency will require the services of a specialized litigation attorney in certain cases.

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