Lipstick basics: Choosing the right type of lipstick


Choosing the right lipstick is a challenge because of all the choices of colors and textures. Some find it difficult to find the right shade of lipstick, while others know the colors that match them but do not know what texture to choose. Wearing lip makeup is essential when you don’t want to put on too much makeup but want to look either presentable, or if you want to give a good first impression so, in this article, we’ll be guiding you through every type of lipstick so you can know what you want, and maybe even make it your go-to lipstick.


At the other end of the glossy range are the matte lipsticks. Matte lipsticks are one of the most important types of lipsticks, and the least known. Matte is an alternative to gloss lipsticks that have little to no shine, conveying pure color and smooth and uniform texture. This type of lipstick is good to use when you’re heading to the art opening or having brunch dates.


As one of the most classic lipstick formulas, sheer lipsticks are an excellent choice for daily use. Since this type of lipstick tends to have higher oil content than other types, it is more unlikely to dry out, and some brands even offer particularly moisturizing sheer lipsticks. However, this formula also means that you may need to use it more frequently since it might not be transfer-resistant. If it is applied well, sheer lipstick can match almost anything such as day and night makeup, and provide a touch of shine and light color.

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No lipstick is more eye-catching than gloss. Although this style is usually associated with retro trends, in warmer months, the color of classic lipsticks may be too heavy, and the gloss of highlights is always in season. Lighter glass shades can add youthful brilliance to a fresh daytime outfit, but their real use is in parties, after-get off-work activities, and occasions where you don’t mind attracting some well-deserved attention.


The cream lipstick is easy to apply and provides the perfect balance of texture and subtle shine. Although pure lipstick has a higher oil content, cream lipstick has a higher wax content, giving it a higher chance of staying longer. This type of lipstick usually has a nourishing effect (such as vitamin E and aloe vera) and is perfect for professional wear or weekend outings where you don’t have to worry about your lips losing color.


Lip stains are all about showing color, with minimal gloss. Stains are also very durable and it last longer compared to some lipsticks, which make lip stains a great choice when you’re going to work and then going directly to eat or drink. Generally speaking, lip stain has the characteristics of high impact and low maintenance, it can create bright colors and can be easily layered, whether it is used alone to get a deeper tone or blend it with your favorite nude lip gloss for a softer and more subtle shade.

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