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Collision avoidance systems for warehouses you say? You’ve come to the right place. This post will walk you through the best laser-based warehouse management systems available, as well as give you an overview of how to install these systems in your own warehouse.

Laserglow, the leading laser manufacturer in North America, is now available through our Canadian-based distributorship. Laserglow is the ultimate laser glow dealer in Canada providing an extensive range of lasers for business and pleasure to our customers.

Laserglow authorized distributor in Canada specializing in laser safety products and accessories. All of our certified lasers and laser systems are imported from a carefully chosen and approved list of manufacturers. We have been providing Canadian customers with high quality, US and European manufactured Laser systems

Collision Avoidance Systems for Warehouses “Laserglow”

The Laserglow AP-series is a highly innovative and cost-effective solution to the problem of workers, pedestrians, and forklift operators colliding with the sidewalls and racking of warehouses. This system allows for the creation of safe zones within warehouse areas that when entered trigger a rapid flashing beacon light on the ceiling, as well as an inversion of normally muted warning sirens. The use of this type of advanced sensor technology also allows for even coverage regardless of obstructions such as forklift trucks and pallets.

Laserglow has created solutions that help to improve working conditions at work. Despite the fact that robotics and computers have been widely used in warehouses, they are still unable to avoid unexpected obstacles in the surrounding area, so they are not very effective in case of a potential collision with an object. A new system called the collision avoidance System can change this reality for good. It works by using lasers for detection and then providing feedback about the distance to people in the warehouse. This way, you can more easily navigate through your warehouse and avoid any collisions from happening.

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Laserglow offers a line of laser systems to help you improve the safety in your warehouse or manufacturing facility. The industry-leading products have been specifically designed for the industry as either Class 1 or Zone 2 products.

A lot of ‘smart’ manufacturing is taking place in modern-day warehouses. This is significant since these warehouse facilities are highly vulnerable to severe impacts due to collisions with light objects, usually caused by forklift drivers. In view of this, some innovative and pioneering warehouse companies had decided to install laser systems designed for laser micro guidance systems that make it easy to monitor their loading & unloading activities and prevent them from colliding with other objects. Laser light beams are used extensively in a number of applications and industries too.

The laser system has been developed to be installed on the top floor of a warehouse. It works in a way that it sends out laser beams from multiple positions on the ceiling or wall. This is because the sensor is able to detect any obstacle in front or around the vehicle. The laser beams can project them by firing an infrared beam into the areas with little visibility and these beams can communicate positioning data accurately to the system. This way, it is able to construct an optimal grid in front of every vehicle so that it remains completely safe at every second during its operation.

Laserglow is a leading provider of warehouse collision avoidance systems. Our systems guide forklift operators to collide-free operation. This laser guidance system provides the potential for substantial savings on forklift repair or replacement.

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The Laserglow warehouse avoidance system is a reflective antenna that avoids collisions between forklifts boxes, and walls, by warning operators of dangerous situations. The Laserglow warehouse-avoidance system can be installed on almost any type of forklift.

 Collision Avoidance System is a great choice

The idea of this technology has been kicked around for years in science fiction. The fact that the technology is being used to prevent or minimize damage to commercial jets points to it being a viable reality. Laserglow’s system is interesting and suggests a couple of promising ideas.

 Laserglow alerts the user to nearby obstacles with a series of colored lights that are easy to interpret and much more efficient than flashing beacons or other methods. The system can be configured for two or three different modes, with the latter being used in conjunction with the audible alert feature. In addition to the critical distance mode, Laserglow can also be set for left/right turn and hill descent modes as well.

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