Julian Henry De Niro Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, & Girlfriend

Julian Henry De Niro

It is hard to miss that once your folks or a family is a star, you by implication acquire their sparkle and become well known. Taking into account how individuals have been looking, we set up Julian Henry De Niro Wiki, memoir, total assets, and sweetheart of Robert De Niro’s child.

Who is Julian Henry De Niro?

Julian Henry De Niro is a notable American entertainer. He is notable for being the child of amazing American entertainer Robert de Niro. He carries on with his private life and stays under the radar via web-based media, not at all like most kids brought into the world by well-known guardians.

Julian Henry De Niro is an unbelievable entertainer who made critical commitments to the development of the American entertainment world. His fans are constantly keen on finding out about his own life, connections, and youngsters. One of Robert De Niro’s youngsters is profiled in this article.

Julian Henry De Niro Wiki

Julian was brought into the world in the city of New York, in the US of America. He is a resident of the US. He is the child of Robert De Niro, a notable entertainer, and Toukie Smith, a model.

There is as yet a shortage of data about his adolescence, schooling, and vocation right up ’til today. Taking into account that his dad is quite possibly the best character ever in America, it’s protected to expect that the young fellow got well-rounded schooling.

Henry’s Career

Julian Henry didn’t emulate his father’s example. He, then again, chose to follow his mom-picked way and seek after a vocation as a model. Julian Henry De Niro’s Instagram photographs show that he is a characteristic model. He appreciates voyaging and associating with his companions.

He is right now addressed by Bearings USA Models, a demonstrating office. Julian Henry De Niro expressed in a meeting with Individuals that he never powers any of his youngsters to seek after-acting Careers.

Julian Henry De Niro Family

Julian Henry De Niro Family
Julian Henry De Niro Family
  • Aaron Kendrick is a twin sibling. Robert De Niro and his drawn-out sweetheart, Toukie Smith, had him through a substitute mother. From 1988 to 1996, their folks were hitched.
  • Drena is a sister. On September 3, 1971, she was conceived. She is one of Robert De Niro’s two kids from his first union with Diahnne Abbott. After the wedding her mom, the entertainer took on her. She is a producer just like an entertainer. Leandro Rodriguez is her child.
  • Raphael will be Raphael’s relative. On November 9, 1976, he was conceived. Julian henry is Robert DeNiro’s subsequent youngster, brought into the world by his ex Diahnne Abbott. He has functioned as a maker and entertainer before. He is most popular as a top New York City land agent today. Nicholas is his child.
  • Elliot, Elliot’s stepbrother Robert De Niro, and Effortlessness Hightower invited him (using a substitute) on Walk 18, 1998. In 1997, the entertainer marry her. Elliot was determined to have a chemical imbalance, as indicated by the entertainer, in 2016.
  • Helen Beauty, a relative. She is Robert DeNiro’s most youthful little girl. In 2011, she was conceived through a substitute mother from the entertainer’s relationship with Effortlessness Hightower. The entertainer battled for joint care of his most youthful kid after their separation.
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Julian’s Education and College

Insights concerning his examinations have not been delivered to the general population, yet he is supposed to have moved on from the College of America with passing marks. Where he went to his secondary school and what region he studied while he was in college are additionally not known.

Julian Henry De Niro Folks and Siblings

Julian and his indistinguishable sibling, however, natural offspring of Julian Henry De Niro, were birthed through surrogacy. They aren’t the main De Niro youngsters to have been imagined through a substitute, as Helen, their most youthful Siblings, was additionally conceived the same way.

Robert De Niro is a famous Hollywood entertainer, who was brought into the world on 17 August 1943 in New York City, USA. He is the lone offspring of Henry Martin De Niro, a craftsman and stoneworker, and Virginia Chief of naval operations, additionally a craftsman and artist. Whenever he was only two years of age, his dad uncovered that he was gay which lead to his parent’s partition. He later followed his mom to Manhattan where he burned through the majority of his life as a youngster. However he didn’t live respectively with his dad, Robert kept a solid relationship with him.

Robert was educated in Manhattan and took acting classes before showing up at only 10 years of age in the film “The Wizard of Oz”, wherein he depicted the “Apprehensive Lion”.

He kept acting in secondary school and found that he could show improvement over the majority of the entertainers who were available in his time. With this certainty, he chose to leave school and spotlight on acting expertly; he went to a few studios where he learned procedures he utilizes in his acting to date.

Julian Henry De Niro

Many years after the fact, he’s developed into a Hollywood megastar, and was highlighted in a few widely praised motion pictures, for example, “The Deer Tracker” which was appraised as perhaps the best film from the US by the ‘American Film Organization’, “The Washington Post”, “San Francisco Account” and generally eminent of all, “The Backup parent Part II”.

After his separation from his most memorable spouse, Diahnne Abbott, the well-known entertainer met model Toukie Julian’s mom, Doris. A. Smith, otherwise called ‘Toukie Smith’ was brought into the world on 25 September 1952 in Pennsylvania.

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She was selected into the Establishment of Design and proceeded to have a fruitful Career in demonstrating, gracing the front of conspicuous magazines, for example, ‘Vogue’, ‘Cosmopolitan’ and ‘Yves St Laurent’. She likewise demonstrated gigantic brands, for example, ‘Versace’, ‘Norma Kamali’ and ‘Chanel’ to give some examples.

She was finished as the Model of the Year by Bloomingdale in 1978 and had a life-sized model planned after her, simply the second African-American in demonstrating to have such an Award. Besides acting, she is likewise perceived for her on-screen appearance in the TV sitcom “227” as Eva Rawley. She has likewise highlighted in a few different motion pictures, including “The Evangelist’s Better half”, “Talkin’ Filthy Into the evening”, and “Joe’s Loft”.

Not long in the wake of the meeting, the pair started dating in 1988, and their relationship happened for quite some time, delivering twin young men Julian and Aaron in 1995, preceding the couple headed out in different directions agreeably a year after the fact.

In December 2003, Julian’s dad was said to have gone through a careful activity as a feature of the administration of his prostate disease analysis. The medical procedure was fruitful, almost certainly stirring up a lot of help for his family, fans, and well-wishers.

Besides the 25-year-old twins, Julian’s dad additionally has an embraced girl, 48-year-old Drena, and a child Raphael, 44 from his most memorable marriage. He met his now ex, Elegance Hightower in 1987 when she was working at a café, and the couple dated for a considerable length of time before the wedding in 1997.

They isolated following two years before reuniting and inviting his most youthful child, Elliot, whom the entertainer later uncovered to be in the chemical imbalance range, and his most youthful youngster, Helen, who is only 8. In the wake of being together for north of thirty years and having weddings for two, the Hollywood couple threw in the towel in 2018, however, their separation is yet to be settled.

Julian’s Career life and Relationship

His distinction comes from being the child of big-name guardians, however, he is likewise hypothesized to have dove into displaying, acting, and creating. He is still quiet on what he ultimately depends on these days and likes to stay relaxed, dissimilar to his half-kin Raphael and Drena, who continued in their dad’s acting strides.

Raphael is striking for his appearances in motion pictures “Seething Bull”, “James Abbott is Gone” and “Renewals”. He is likewise into the land and deals with his dad’s Greenwich Inn.

It is at this point unclear if Julian could take after his mom and dive into acting after his demonstrating profession, however his dad’s expressed that he doesn’t constrain his kids to follow his strides. In a meeting, he said that he urges his kids to do whatever satisfies them, and not undercut themselves.

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Julian seldom goes to public social events, however, he was once shot in 2013, at the Official manor in Israel. Not much is been aware of whom he has been sincerely associated with, or on the other hand, assuming he is as of now in any relationship.

His Awards and Nominations

The youthful model has not gotten any Awards or awards which have been reported and may have a huge shoe to fill seeing that his dad Robert, is a beneficiary of two Institute Grants, One for Best Supporting Entertainer in the 1975 legendary “The Guardian II”, and the other ‘Best Entertainer in a Main Job’ for the 1981 film “Seething Bull”, as well as a Brilliant Globe grant among numerous others. He has additionally gotten an Official Award of Opportunity in 2016.

Rumors and Controversies

Similarly, as with numerous different insights regarding him, Julian has been exceptionally private and kept away from any embarrassments or discussions around his own proficient life. His dad, notwithstanding, was supposedly engaged with a prostitution ring embarrassment and was examined regarding in Paris by their police, which he denied.

His Total assets

However his Career is still to a great extent theoretical, Julian’s total assets are assessed to be more than $300,000, which is for the most part from his displaying agreements and gigs. As per Superstar Total assets, his dad is reputed to have amazing total assets of more than $500 million from his enormously fruitful profession in the film business. His mom’s total assets are likewise set at about $3 million, even though reports are unsubstantiated.

Julian’s Physical Features

The attractive African-American model acquired his attractive features from the two guardians, with earthy colored hair tone and dull earthy colored eyes. He is around 5ft 9ins (1.7m) in level, weighs around 145lbs (65kgs), and wears UK size 11 shoes.

Where can you find him?

He doesn’t share his subtleties freely, yet is very dynamic on his Instagram account @goldenboyjulio, on which he displays and offers posts of himself and family with his north of 6,000 followers.


Is Julian De Niro related to Robert Deniro?

Julian Henry De Niro is an American celebrity. He is famous for being the son of the legendary American actor Robert de Niro. Unlike most kids born to famous parents, he lives a private life and keeps a low profile on social media.

Who did Robert De Niro have twins with?

He has twin sons, Julian and Aaron, 24, with his ex, Toukie Smith; and son Elliot, 22, and daughter, Helen, 8, with his ex-wife Grace Hightower. In January, De Niro spoke to PEOPLE about how he has parented his children in the limelight and whether they feel pressured to follow in his footsteps.

Is Robert De Niro still married?

In 2018, the “Raging Bull” actor quietly filed for divorce from the 66-year-old philanthropist. They were together for 20 years with a five-year hiatus, after they divorced for the first time in 2003 only to renew their vows and remarry a year later.

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