Jenni Rivera and Ex-Husband Juan Lopez Got Divorced

Juan Lopez

Jenni Rivera and their ex-husband Juan Lopez got married in 2003. However, the marriage was short-lived, and the couple could not have a child together. Infidelity caused the split, as both were convicted of selling drugs. In addition, the two separated in 2007. The split lasted until 2007 when Rivera was sentenced to a prison term for drug distribution.

Jenni Rivera and trino marin were married for nine years before filing for divorce in 1992. In addition to the divorce, Jenni and Jose had three daughters together. They were married for 11 years before the split. In 1993, Jenni and José Marin were separated after the actor admitted to molesting his sister Rosie. In 1997, Jenni and Juan Lopez remarried. The couple had two children together before the breakup. In 2010, Jose Trinidad marin was arrested and sentenced to 30 years in jail.

Juan Lopez and Jenni Rivera were married for seven years before separating in 2003. The two remained married until 2002, and a year later, Lopez was jailed for six months. While he was in jail, Jenni was attacked by men, forcing her car off the road. After his release, they resumed their life together and had two children. In 2007, they divorced again. In 2010, Lopez died in a car crash while driving drunk.

The singer and actress filed for a divorce in 2006, but did their marriage work? Their marriage lasted for five years. The couple had two children, Chiquis and Luca. After the split, they went on to remarry. She was also married to baseball player Esteban Loaiza, who had played for the Yankees, White Sox, and Dodgers.

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Despite their long-term distance, the couple continued to be friends after their marriage. Their marriage was reunited in 2003, but they were soon separated. During their second meeting, the actress had two children with Lopez. During the divorce, she was pregnant with her third child. Sadly, the pair divorced in 2007, but she and the kids remain together.

The couple separated in 2003 and settled for co-parenting. They were married for almost ten years, but the drama was still ongoing. They had no children together. Their divorce was finalized in 2006. But, what happened between them? In 2010 after the marriage, Jenni married Esteban Loaiza. They were arguing over the money.

Jenni and Juan Lopez got divorced in 2006. The couple had two children together, and they had a daughter, Chiqui, and three sons. Sadly, the relationship ended with a fatal plane crash in Mexico in 2008. While they were still living together, the actress was separated in 2012. Their daughter, Chiqui, died in a plane crash. During the rocky divorce proceedings, the two decided to separate.

Upon Lopez’s release from prison, Jenni Rivera and her ex-husband have married again. However, they split in 2007, after she found out that she had been cheating on her husband. As a result, they had a hard time co-parenting together and eventually divorced. Although they did have children, they did not live happily ever after.

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