Is There Still A Problem with Accessibility? – accessiBe

Is There Still A Problem with Accessibility? – accessiBe

I’m sure you’d agree, when we go outside for a walk, or when we go to any venue, we see evidence of consideration being taken for those who are disabled. We see slopes and ramps, we see accessible toilets on every level, we see elevators to every floor. We see automatic doors and disabled parking spaces. This is all excellent news, and it is what we have come to expect. A disabled person should have the same access to things as any other member of the public. But did you know, there is an area of our lives where this is not always the case? A huge area in fact, that impacts our daily lives. What is it?

Online help for the disabled

Many people mistakenly assume that the very existence of the internet has levelled the playing field for those who are disabled and has given them access to things they may never have had or been able to achieve before. It is true that the internet has benefits for the disabled among us, just as it has benefits for everyone else. But this isn’t the whole story. Just having the existence of the internet isn’t enough. Disabled people need to be able to access it and use it for it to be of benefit and this is why companies like accessiBe are becoming more and more important.

There are many different types of disabilities out there. While some may be good to go using a computer, laptop, tablet or phone, others may still need additional help. For example, if a person is living with a limb difference, they may need help to be able to use a mouse. They may not be able to use a mouse at all and need to be able to access everything from the keyboard. They may not be able to use their limbs at all and need addons so as to be able to do everything with their face. The possibilities and potential areas for help are many and this can make some feel overwhelmed, causing them to not even try. But this isn’t the answer. In most countries, you are legally obligated to make your website accessible. There is no need to panic, however, because help is available, and you could have your website fully accessible in a matter of days. Yes, there is software out there that will do all the work for you.

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Turning a whole website into a fully accessible one may seem like too big a task to take on, but it is a legal requirement, it is the right thing to do, and it is much easier than you think. Get a company with the right software to come and install it for you and have your website fully accessible cheaply and quickly.

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