Is InstaForex A Good Platform For Copy Trading Functions?

Copy Trading Functions

InstaForex is one of the platforms which has been able to introduce innovation in the world of the forex market. Their copy trading services have been the best in the field and the company was launched initially in 2010. InstaForex has been one of the active and reliable names in the world of forex trading, especially in the context of copy trade. Let us get to know a bit more about this field.

What Exactly Is Copy Trading?

Mostly in the year 2010, the traders in the world of forex trading started to introduce the topic of copy trading. This is quite interesting as the entire measure was used to help novice traders in the field. It is not usually easy to find the best path in the world of forex trading when you are completely new in the field. Bookish knowledge will only take you so far in this field. However, if you have the guidance of an experienced trader, you will be able to tread well in the market. But how to get the help of an experienced trader?

Well, here comes copy trading. You can actually copy the trade strategies which have been used by experienced traders in the field. The substantial amount of experience which has been amassed by the regular traders in the field can be referred to with the help of copy trading. Moreover, many sophisticated strategies can be copied directly from the profiles of expert traders. Managing traders like signal providers or strategy providers can also be reached with the help of copy trading.

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The best thing about copy trading is that the entire strategy can be copied from the profile of the trader, the experience can be gathered and passive earning can also be accumulated.

What Are The Positive Sides Of Using InstaForex For Copy Trading?

This is probably one of the most important questions you have to ask when you are dealing with the stats of InstaForex Copy Trading Platform. You must know the benefits which are associated with this field. Let us get into the details of these trades.

  • The entire platform has been functional for about 10 years. It is very reliable and the system is trusted by regular traders.
  • There are a large number of managers associated with the field.
  • There are 6 options of commissions.
  • The platform is quite safe as well in case that the trader has lesser funds in his or her account.

Negative Aspects Of InstaForex

Some negative sides of InstaForex must be considered as well. These have been mentioned as follows:

  • The commissions for the brokers are quite high and this might cause loss for the traders.
  • The broker license is offshore.
  • The filter system is also quite inconvenient.


It is very important to find the right trader for copying since this will be directly responsible for your profit rates. InstaForex will offer you the profiles of many traders. You have to choose the ones which suit you the best out of them!

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