4 Reasons Why People Should Invest in BFICoin Right Now!

Invest in BFICoin

When other cryptocurrencies failed to achieve their goals, Innovation Factory, a fintech company, came forward and introduced BFIC, a Cryptocurrency with great utility and the ability to sustain a decentralized digital economy. Built on 3rd Generation Blockchain Technology, BFIC is the unavoidable future of the Crypto Industry, with amazing scalability and a massive utility-based Eco-System.

In this blog, we will be looking over the 4 main reasons to buy BFIC and how this coin will prove as a good investment.

Massive utility-based eco-system

To sustain a robust digital monetary market, each digital currency must include enough utility projects to drive demand and usefulness. Bficoin is extremely important because it can be used to buy products and services on its own as well as on a variety of other platforms.

The company that launched BFIC has created an eco-system that comprises several valuable projects that will help to boost the coin’s utility. The Bfic ecosystem is massive, with more than 20 megaprojects, and it’s still developing as new projects are set to be added to its roadmap.

BFIC Network

Its ecosystem includes the BFIC Network. It is the world’s most beneficial blockchain-based stake mining platform for any smartphone user since it allows users to mine BFICoin by staking. You just need to open the app and push the start mining button after every 24 hours, and you will be rewarded with 0.5% of the number of coins you put on stake.

Real-time Crypto mining is possible in the form of staking. This network is a mechanism that enables a large group of people to collaborate to earn real Cryptocurrency in a mutually advantageous way.

As BFICoin the BFIC network is also powered by a third-generation BFIC blockchain. The system is extraordinarily quick, with a transaction pace of around 100,000 transactions per second. It’s the world’s quickest and most profitable mobile mining network.

If you invest 1 BFIC,

+200  days2 BFIC
+200 days4 BFIC
+200 days8 BFIC
+200 days16 BFIC
+200 days32 BFIC
+200 days64 BFIC
+200 days128 BFIC
+200 days256 BFIC
+200 days512 BFIC

More ways to earn

Bficoin offers its traders a variety of options to profit. These profits also come in the form of regular rewards based on different factors:

  • Referral Bonus
  • Team Rewards

The BFIC network software generates a variety of rewards based on variables including team strength mining, capital deposits, and direct payouts. The estimate assumes that each team member has one BFIC and that each deposit will be logged for 90 days.

BFICoin is the only coin that allows its users to profit in any way they want. This money-making feature is getting BFIC a lot of attention from the public. The rising demand for the coin is a major factor in its price increase.

Crypto Debit/Credit Cards

Crypto Debit
Bitcoin debit card

A fresh new utility project has been launched for BFIC. Crypto Cash is the latest by Innovation Factory, to enhance BFICoin’s utility by providing liquidity options. The platform will be issuing debit and credit cards to BFIC holders. These debit/credit cards will be usable at all merchants & platforms that accept Mastercard as a payment gateway. Crypto Cash cards will allow the investors of BFICoin to freely use their funds whenever, wherever they wish to. Shop online, make payments for your utility bills, or withdraw money from ATMs, everything would be possible for BFICoins with Crypto Cash Cards.

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