Interesting Facts Why Starbucks is a Great Company


A friend asks you for coffee and a cold. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Starbucks has made a permanent mark on most of the world’s population. It has been ingrained in our hearts and minds for decades and can never fulfill our desires with a touch of a civilized class.

Some people claim that Starbucks is too expensive. Technically, the quality and freshness of their products are world-class and high-quality, which explains their high prices compared to other coffee shops. Also, the brand you are paying for is not routine. Starbucks is Starbucks.

How much do we know about this huge business? Starbucks began in the early 1970s and has grown globally over the past decades. Although this was not an easy path for them, their aggression took them to great heights. We are going to deal with the facts about the world-famous coffee enterprise Starbucks.

Important Facts

Before discussing the facts about Starbucks, it is good to know a little bit about its background. Starbucks is an American company founded by Gordon Booker, Zeo Siegel, and Jerry Baldwin in the Seattle Pipe Place Market in Washington, DC. It began in 1971 and was sold to Howard Schultz around the 1980s. The name “Starbucks” is inspired by Moby Dick’s classic novel.

As of 2018, Starbucks is the largest coffee house in China globally, with 28,128 locations and more than 291,000 worldwide. It operates in more than 77 countries and has revenues of .7 24.71 billion. They are also known for being a responsible and charitable company.

Starbucks Has More Than 1,600 LEED-Certified Stores

LED certification guarantees that you are an environmentally friendly establishment and will benefit people, the planet, and profit. Starbucks has cafes in 20 countries with these certifications and continues to supply usable materials with low energy consumption, resulting in more efficient electricity management.

Nowadays, some consumers complain about receiving non-plastic and recycled materials, as they are accustomed to plastic cups and other food chains with straw. The sole purpose of eco-friendly mugs and dirt is to keep developing our world into a better, greener place.

Starbucks Employee’s Apron Colors Have Different Meanings

You might think that some Starbuck baristas have different flavors depending on their taste and what is available. No, these colors are similar to the belts we see on martial arts students. If you are technically interested in enough people then you can ask these people wearing black aprons.

Starbucks Employee’s Apron Colors
Starbucks Employee’s Apron Colors

The black apron barista is called a “coffee master” because he is highly trained and has a good knowledge of coffee. Green apron baristas are newcomers who meet the minimum training requirement. Still, they are above all standards for quality of service.

Starbucks Baristas Can Grind Your Coffee Beans For Free

Talk about stock freshness? Starbuck barristers can grind your coffee beans on request. After purchasing a fresh bag of coffee beans, they can provide free grinding services. You want to go as long as your bag is still securely sealed and unopened. It also helps keep your coffee lobes fresh and their machinery hygienic.

Starbucks Sells Reusable Straws

If you have observed and researched how plastic straws spoil and harm our animals and the environment, you will probably never use a plastic straw again. As an environmentally friendly company, they will stop using plastic straws in all their stores by the end of 2020. They have also released branded reusable straws.

Starbucks Donates Their Old Food

Starbucks has launched its Food Donation Program in 2016. Not only are they eco-friendly but they are also very lively. To avoid wastage, they give their food to the less fortunate. In the first year of its existence, it has donated about 55 million meals to needy families.

Starbucks Has a Secret Menu

Sure, it’s a secret, so you probably didn’t know it. Starbuck fans are given the freedom to submit requests for their preferred combination and are served on a secret menu. The secret menu is extensive because it includes banana splits, cotton candy, and butterbeer.


The world-class coffee house, Starbucks, has been in the industry for a long time. It provided great quality products and helped a lot by using green methods and opening up to those in need.

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