Factors that Influence growth in SAFe POPM


Most of the top notch companies have embraced agile methodologies to step up their processes and to make significant changes within the organizations. SAFe Product managers stand extremely benefited through this tech evolvement around them. Eventually, there is a massive demand for SAFe POPM, and most professionals are indulging themselves in the learning process by enrolling in POPM Certification Training.

On the contrary, companies are seeking highly skilled SAFe POPM for their organizations. The average salary of a SAFe POPM is $112,900[1]  per annum and their career growth is around 23%.[2]  Product managers are responsible for innovation, development, and taking the product to the next level. If you are an associate and ambitious for significant changes in your profession, there are some practices and work involved.

Some of thefactors that Influence growth with SAFe POPM:

Manage your team effectively

A product manager can empower his team to take individual decisions and volunteer actions that leverage the company’s growth. These strategies should help accentuate the team’s progress if implemented.

The product teams are experimental and innovation-oriented; sharing their opinions provides new ideas to the organization. Additionally, if everyone around the team shares their perspective, strategy and solution, the product will eventually become a massive hit for the company. The best way to influence others is to listen and give importance to their voices, which helps nourish good communication among stakeholders.


Product managers are problem solvers; they tend to solve problems by believing their intuition. As a product manager, one must brainstorm different discoveries that solve customers’ crucial problems.

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One of the critical skills of the product manager is problem-solving and creativity. Both skills play a crucial role in their career development and customer issues as well. Resolving customers’ issues adds more value alongside a good product.

Improve your analytical thinking

Improvising analytical skills as a product manager attributes good solving problem skills and success as an individual too. Product managers will eventually analyze solutions through micro-level research work. A great product manager will use data and his intuition to analyze problems.

Analytical thinking improvises skills at the micro level. Data plays a huge role in this digital world. As product owner, we could tend to miss opportunities if data is inappropriately handled.

Leverage data to make analytical decisions which will precisely display a buyer’s psychology, emotions, and interest and minimize your research work, then split large problems into smaller segments, interpret which forms the root cause of the problem, and come up with unique solutions. Holding POPM Certification will help you with the knowledge to build innovative products and provide you the knowledge to build great products.

Understand user behavior

Creative ideas will only come up with ease sometimes. It takes patience and a deep understanding of a particular domain. Being SAFe POPM, you don’t need to stress innovations whenever you solve customer problems. As a product manager, the key to developing a great product is to think from the customer’s perspective and solve those problems. Being a product manager analyzing buyer journeys helps to spread brand awareness in the right direction. The main goal of the team is to spread the right brand message to the right audience by understanding psychographics, infographics, heat-mapping and all. To improve this, learn marketing skills and examine customer reviews which helps you to understand their emotions and eventually make a way to build a great tech stack.

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Knowing web development

A SAFe POPM job role does not expect one to be tech-savvy.  Possessing basic knowledge about web development and the technology roadmap will result in creating great products for your organization. Our SAFe Product Owner Product Manager certification Syllabus should help you learn key secrets on becoming a great product manager.

Be curious and indulge yourself to learn about new technology, eventually helping you associate closely with the engineering, architecture and development domain to deliver the desired vision for your organization. This assists to learn concepts at the micro level and propel your career as well. There are many POPM Certification trainingswhich will guide you in the agile way of formulating while developing a product.


A product Manager role is a career where you will intertwine with psychology and technology.

It requires an appropriate understanding of both human persuasion and tech acumen to grow fast. It does not mean every product manager should master all these skills while joining a job.

Are you aspiring to be a SAFe POPM?

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