Ideas to match you’re Ceiling with Flooring Using the Help of Rugs


Choosing the right rug can enhance the overall appearance of your house. Hand-knotted area rugs seem like the perfect choice to provide your home with a fresh style, and whether it’s a retro or contemporary design, You can pick a variety of hand-knotted rugs.

Your home is where you can relax, and you must create a beautiful home. In particular, your bedroom is your sanctuary and living space that the entire world sees. The ceiling plays an important aspect in the overall feeling of a space. Flooring, as well as the ceiling, are essential components of creating areas. The right rug selection can enhance the overall appearance of your house.

One of the oldest techniques of rug-making is hand-knotting. These rug designs are masterworks in an intricate design. Hand-knotted rugs are one of a kind and are made entirely by hand on a specialized weaving loom. The higher density, the greater the quality. The easiest way to determine the hand-knotted rug can be to turn it on its side. It won’t have a backing. The design will be the same across both surfaces. Not only the rugs, but a few throw blankets are also hand-knitted.

Tips To Match Your Ceiling With Floor Using Rugs

If you have a wooden or tiled ceiling, you can match your carpet with your floor by selecting a similar color or texture rug. This will give your room a cohesive look and enhance the look of your ceiling. To match your carpet with the ceiling, you should consider the color of your floor and the furniture in the room. Moreover, you should also consider the size and style of the rug. Many prefer to place a rug with a color or pattern matching the ceiling.

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If you want to add bold pops of color to a room, consider color matching your floor and ceiling. A bold rug, accent wall, or colorful headboard can add dramatic impact. You can also use rugs to create a color scheme that blends well with your existing furniture. Color matching your floor and ceiling does not require exactly matching each area. However, choosing a rug that is at least two shades darker or lighter than the surrounding areas is a good idea. Generally speaking, this rule applies to all room areas except the bedroom.


The right rug for the right room is more important than the size. When you choose the right rug size to match your ceiling with the floor, you should also consider the room’s existing elements. Consider the furniture’s color, style, and material, and then choose the right size. Many people like to place a rug with a similar color to the ceiling. Keeping in mind the size of the room will make the rug easier to match.



If you have a light-colored ceiling, you may want to choose a rug with a light color to complement it. This will give your room a clean look and make it seem bigger. If you have a white ceiling, consider using a rug in a similar color, but keep in mind that it should not be placed in a high-traffic area. An eight-by-ten rug will cover the floor well and fit nicely under a queen bed. The size will also depend on how much the rug will be visible at the foot of the bed.

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Another idea when you want to match your floor area rug to your ceiling is to choose a color that relates to the color of the ceiling. You can use gold or ivory as a contrast color for your ceiling. You can also choose a rug that reflects the colors of the walls while placing it opposite the furniture. When you match your floor area rug with your ceiling, you will get a harmonious look in your room. You can also match the color of the ceiling to the types of mattresses that you use to sleep on.


There are several rules for matching your floor area rug and ceiling. The traditional proportion is 18 inches on the perimeter of the room. This rule works for both enclosed and open-concept rooms. Small rooms, however, should have a smaller bare floor area. For example, if your ceiling is ivory, you can match your rug by choosing a different color for your furniture. Then, when putting in a floor area rug, you must make sure the rest of the room is a contrasting color.


Matching your ceiling with a floor area rug is an elegant way to combine the two rooms. When choosing a rug, keep in mind the room’s existing elements, including the furniture’s color, the rug’s texture, and its material. Some people like to place a rug of a similar color as the ceiling. If you choose to match the floor area rug with the ceiling color, you will have to buy a different carpet for the living room.

Lastly When matching your floors and ceiling, you’ll want to consider both the style and color of the flooring and the room’s overall color. While matching one element with the other can look fantastic, it can make the room look drab in some situations. A good rule of thumb when matching the ceiling and floor is to keep it a similar color and style. A room with a patterned ceiling should be accented with a rug reflecting that tone.

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