How Your Humidifier’s Mist Can Benefit You

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While some may worry that dampness in the home is a pesky problem that needs to be addressed, instead the opposite is true – there are a tremendous amount of positives to having moisture in your living space. Statistics indicate that moisturizing the air at home with humidifiers mist keeps your living conditions more comfortable and helps alleviate symptoms of many health conditions.

According to some studies, having dry air in the home can often lead to dry skin, a drop in humidity levels, a loss in skin moisture, and the feeling and occurrence of tight, dry, cracking, itchy, and flaky skin. If you do experience a loss of moisture in the skin, this can also point to the problem of fewer oil glands in that particular part of the body. 

Well you can certainly make use of hand lotion and chapstick to address these challenges, there is another way to address lost moisture: a humidifier. Not only does this machine help rehydrate your skin naturally, but can also alleviate common symptoms associated with dry skin.

Here are seven additional ways that you can benefit from humidifiers mist.  

Prevent Flu Germs

What are the benefits of a humidifier is that it is an easy way to help prevent any flu germs from circulating inside of your home. The reason for this is because if the humidity in your home is too low, it could mean that if a flu virus is circulating, it will last longer and spread faster. Thankfully, by using the humidifier, especially during flu season, you will be able to stabilize your home environment and ward off the possibility of the flu circulating within your home.

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Protect Your Throat

Unfortunately, when you find yourself in an indoor space that does not have enough moisture, your vocal cords can become dry and scratchy. If you are exposed to these kinds of conditions for a long period of time not only can this lead to feeling a hoarseness in your voice, but it may also lead to contracting a virus such as a cold or a cough. Many have found that by generating an environment that has the appropriate levels of humidity, and not only can you ward off contracting a virus, but it will also lubricate your throat properly and minimize any dryness in the air.

Sooth Your Sinuses

Those that might suffer with sinus issues, having a loss of humidity in your home environment can be quite detrimental. Not only does it try out your sinus passages, but it can also lead to other uncomfortable health situations such as: headaches, nasal discomfort, sinus pressure, and bloody noses. Toward these uncomfortable scenarios, having the proper humidity in your home environment can actually help clear out your sinuses. The reason for this is because having increased humidity in your environment will keep the air moist, the mucus in your body flowing at proper rates, and it will decrease the possibility of you suffering from nasal passages that are stuffy.

Reduce Snoring

Would you believe that having an environment that has the appropriate levels of humidity can actually help reduce levels of snoring? It’s true! Data indicates that when your home environment is too dry it can actually lead to increased amounts of snoring. The reason for this is because there is insufficient moisture in the air which inevitably leads to the throat swelling and the nose becoming congested. 

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Ultimately, this process then leads to a process by which air movement is restricted through the nose. This happens, not only does this increase the amount of snoring that happens, but it also means that you will be breathing more through your mouth. As such, it is incredibly important to keep your ear to an appropriate moisture level to reduce the dryness and ultimately to reduce the amount of snoring that occurs.

Lower Illness Symptoms

If however you do find yourself suffering from either the flu or a cold, having a humidifier on hand can actually help address the many of the uncomfortable symptoms of being sick. These might include: finding it tough to breathe, experiencing a stuffed-up nose, and having trouble swallowing because of a painfully dry throat. 

To limit the possibility of these symptoms taking a hold of your body, experts recommend using a humidifier or vaporizer. Both of these machines can help address these symptoms which will ultimately help your body get the much-needed rest needed to recover.  

Humidity for Houseplants

In addition to moist air being helpful to humans, it is also helpful for any house plans that you may have in your home environment. That is, humidity really does help plants thrive. Unfortunately, if the Home environment is too dry, this may lead to plants having a loss of leaves or perhaps even experiencing stunted growth. By making use of the humidifier not only will you prevent the possibility of these things happening, but you can actually see your indoor garden thrive as a result.

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Make Your Home Warmer

Finally, if you are someone who really does not like being in a cold home, having a home humidifier will actually help the air in your home environment feel warmer. Conversely, when the air is dry or in your home, this might lead to the home environment feeling much colder.

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