How to Save Money on Travel Bookings

Save Money on Travel

Most of us do not travel as much as we would like, and the staggering travel booking prices are to blame. But what if we told you many simple hacks that can help you save big on your flight and hotel bookings? That’s right! With a few simple tricks, you can save more and holiday more to see all the amazing offerings of the world. Without any further ado, let us check these out.

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Book in Advance

This has to be one of the simplest things you can do and save your hard-earned money. While you should book flight tickets two months in advance, you ought to make your hotel booking around one month before your trip. This might not always be possible, but go online and make your bookings right away whenever you have a concrete plan.

Have a Flexible Plan

A flexible plan presents a great opportunity to score some savings on your airfare. Try different dates and different times of the day to find the cheapest flight option. Flight ticket prices are usually higher for weekends. So, if you can fly from Monday to Friday, you have the chance to save money. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are widely believed to be the cheapest days to fly. Websites like HappyEasyGo have fare calendars that can help you find the best travel date.

Compare Prices on Various OTAs

If there is one rule of thumb in online travel bookings, this is it! Never book anything without comparing. Once you have figured out the flight and hotel you wish to book, visit several online travel agencies to check out the various prices available for you. Also, try different offers and discounts available for you on varied platforms.

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Be Secretive about your Plans

Have you ever noticed flight and hotel prices rising every time you search again? That could be because websites use cookies to record your search history and display higher prices on every subsequent visit. This makes you believe that bookings are getting costlier and you should take action soon. Simply by using the incognito mode in your web browser, you can avoid cookies and grab a lower price.

Travel with a Budget Airline

LCCs or Low-cost carriers offer the lowest airfares. They might not offer you additional baggage, in-flight entertainment, meals, etc. but allow you to fly at really low rates. So, if you can do without those additional services and amenities, you can travel with an LCC or an ultra-low-cost carrier to save money.

Stay at a Hostel

Hostels are not only helpful in bringing down the accommodation cost but also a remarkable place to find fellow travelers. You can find a hostel in almost all major holiday destinations. They charge even less than what you typically pay at a two or three-star hotel.

Next time you plan a trip with your family or friends, remember these quick tricks, and you will be surprised by the money you would save on your bookings.  

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