How to Pick Car Shipping Companies: Everything You Need to Know

Car Shipping Companies

In 2022, the vehicle shipping market is so far worth an estimated $10.8 billion! This shows us that the industry is thriving and there should be plenty of options on the table when it comes to choosing a car shipping company.

Yet, the question of how to pick car shipping companies is one you might rarely ask or know the answers to without a bit of research. We’ve done that research and we have some go-to tips for finding the right car shipping company for various requirements.

Read this quick guide to arm yourself with the right questions to ask about car shipping companies. Let’s begin.

What to Look for in Online Reviews

After you’ve done a good search for several options for shipping companies, reading online reviews is the next step in the car shipping process. When reading online reviews, you should look for customers that mention that the company sticks to its timelines and acts professionally. Yelp is a good place to check out customer reviews.

Also, look for reviews that say the car shipping company has great customer service. Without this indication, you’ll risk the chance of getting super frustrated with a company that has poor communication, and you may end up wasting precious time dealing with such a company.

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Car Shipping Experience

The next step is to head over to prospective car shipping company websites and see if there are any signs of car shipping experience shown on them. If there isn’t much to see, call them up and ask the company directly if they have experience dealing with similar requirements to yours.

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Also, make sure to ask for a definite deadline for when they can ship your vehicle to your desired destination. If they are loose with this info and just provide you with a vague timeframe, then you might want to look elsewhere. In such a circumstance you could end up waiting weeks or even months longer than you expected.

Know What’s Unnecessary

Before comparing car shipping costs, it’s good to know what you don’t need from a car shipping company. For instance, if you are just shipping a car, you don’t need the company to provide you with an enclosed trailer. All this will do is add extra and unnecessary costs.

If, however, you have a vehicle such as a collector’s car, you may well want the enclosed trailer and should settle for nothing less. Whatever you choose, don’t go by costs alone when deciding on a car shipping company, but instead, ensure you are confident in the reputation of the firm before you commit to using their services.

How to Pick Car Shipping Companies

You should now feel much more aware of how to pick car shipping companies for your specific requirements. Online reviews are a great resource, and learning about a company’s car shipping experience is a must. Furthermore, know what you don’t need, and don’t judge a company on its costs alone.

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