How to Maintain a Safe Playground

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If your child is injured, the first thing to do is stay calm. Being calm will help your child remain calm, as well. 안전놀이터While mild injuries can be treated with a first aid kit, serious injuries should be dealt with by calling 911. When your child is injured, do not attempt to move him or her, and instead, ask other adults to stay by the child until help arrives.

Safety guidelines for playgrounds

If you’re building a new playground, it’s important to ensure that it meets all the safety guidelines. While the rules vary from State to State, they are often adopted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The guidelines are contained in the handbook, “Handbook for Public Playground Safety,” which is available for free download. It details a variety of safety topics, including playground equipment and surfaces, and how to protect children.

Playgrounds should have at least 12 inches of impact-absorbing surfacings, such as wood chips, mulch, or safety-tested rubber. In addition, protective ground surfacing should extend six feet in all directions. Playground equipment should be age-appropriate. Make sure to follow manufacturer instructions and inspect equipment regularly. Make sure there are no gaps or ledges that could trap a child. The playground should also be designed so that children can move from one activity to the next without being trapped.

Types of safety surfaces

There are several different types of safety surfaces for playgrounds. The choice of one type over another depends on the size and style of the playground. One of the most popular types of playground safety surfaces is poured-in-place rubber. It features two layers – a shock-absorbing layer of rubber buffings and a top finish layer of granular particles. This type of surface offers low maintenance and durability.

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Another type of safety surface for playgrounds is impact-absorbing. This type of surface protects against serious injuries, such as head injuries, caused by falling. It is recommended by Health and Safety guidelines and the European Standards for Playgrounds. These surfaces also provide visual stimuli, stimulate movement, and promote imaginative play.

Injuries that occur on playgrounds

According to the 안전놀이터American Academy of Pediatrics, over 200,000 children suffer injuries on playgrounds each year. Some of these injuries are so severe that they require emergency room treatment. These injuries can include broken bones, sprains, and wounds to the mouth or teeth. These injuries often result from a lack of maintenance and harsh weather conditions.

One of the most common playground injuries is a fall. These falls can hit the head on playground equipment, the ground, or dangerous structures. Poorly maintained playgrounds also increase the risk of fall injuries. Unmaintained playgrounds can have debris, rusty play equipment, and damaged fall surfaces. Fortunately, many of these injuries can be prevented by providing close supervision and teaching proper use of playground equipment.

Injuries that occur in TDSB schools

Teachers are reporting an increasing number of injuries that occur in TDSB schools, including falls that result in broken bones. In some cases, the injuries have required up to six months to recover. While TDSB has not released all of the reports, the school district has provided the first eight pages. The injuries may not necessarily constitute negligence, but they do warrant attention.

These data have been obtained from the Ontario School Board Insurance Exchange, which collects incident reports on injury events that occur in elementary schools. Data for these events are available for the 20 months before and after the CSA standards were implemented. Summer months are excluded from the database because Canadian children do not attend school during this time. Data are collected on school property during school hours by school staff.

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