How to Find the Perfect Voiceover Artist in 2022

Perfect Voiceover Artist

As the world moves more and more towards video content, with around 78% of people consuming videos online weekly, the need for talented voiceover artists has never been higher. If you are a brand or a content creator looking to start your next project but aren’t sure what you should be looking for, we have you covered. This article will cover a few tips on how to find the perfect voiceover artist in 2022.


Different platforms will offer various services. However, some platforms are set up in a way that will save you time by enabling casting without the need for auditions and casting calls. Perhaps you are looking for a specific UK accent to target a particular UK market, so you’d need to hear the voice and accent before hiring. Of course, sites like Voquent offer a plethora of UK voiceovers and have a wide selection of demos for each talent that eliminate the need for a casting call as you can search for the voice you need based on sounds such as tone, pitch, style, accent, and characteristics.

Know the Emotions You are Looking For

The next thing you will need to do is write down all the emotions and characteristics you are looking for out of the voiceover talent. This is incredibly important if you are a brand since every brand has its own unique voice or a specific tone you need to set. This is also important if you are looking for a voiceover talent for a character in a movie; some characters play distinct roles, such as a wise father figure, and a particular vocal sound will generally match this persona.

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Understand Your Audience

Much like knowing the emotions you are looking for, you will also need to understand your audience. Why? Because different characters or voices will resonate with different audiences – you need to choose a voice that will be relatable to your audience. For example, business people relate more to an authoritative voice, and children relate more to a voice that is exciting and energetic. The last thing you want to do is make your audience feel alienated.

Listen to Previous Work

One of the best ways to choose the perfect voiceover artist would be to listen to their previous work. Many online services, such as Voquent mentioned above, have recordings available to listen to. This gives you an idea of what the talent’s voice sounds like. Listening to the talent’s voice in a completed product or sample will provide the best idea of what to expect from them for the project you have in mind, leading to the next tip.

Match the Voice with the Project

You must match the voice with the project to choose the perfect voiceover artist. For example, you could have the best voiceover artist in the world, but if their vocal characteristics don’t match the project that you need them for, no amount of talent will make it work. For example, if you need an audiobook narrator, the voice must be calm, clear, and authoritative to guide the listener through the story easily. This is why sites such as Voquent also match each voice demo with a medium such as an audiobook, B2B, or movie trailer, so it is easier to find a voice that fits your project – Simple!

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