How to Design Creative Custom Lotion Boxes That Increase Sales

Custom Lotion Boxes

Lotions are used by everyone across the world. Each type of lotion comes with different utilization. However, every single of them needs the best product packaging. Packaging assists in ensuring your delicate lotions while displaying them in the most convincing manner. Accordingly, to increase sales, you need to design your wholesale lotion packaging creatively. How? Read this post completely!

Combine the Style and Effectiveness Together

Making your lotion packaging more alluring is fundamental as it will help in attracting more customers. Notwithstanding, it is also essential to make your packaging easy to use. The market customers would get baffling if the product packaging isn’t effective. Accordingly, you need to apply such a design that is charming and effective at the same time.

Today, there are various styles of packaging that you could choose from. For example, you could go for sleeve boxes or others. By working with an expert packaging company, you could also customize the shape and size of packaging according to your needs and requirements.

Not only would you be able to choose your style. More than that, you could also choose a wonderful coating that would make your custom lotion boxes more dazzling. Coatings are a decent method to improve the style of any product packaging box. Some of the most famous coatings you could browse are such as:

  • Glossy
  • Matte
  • Spot UV

Using Durable Packaging Materials Is Fundamental

Whether your lotion is sedated or for some other reason, it needs the most ideal product protection. Lotions have to be remained safe from heat and sunlight. Additionally, your lotion boxes need to likewise be remained careful with the goal. For this reason, you need durable packaging material for your custom boxes.

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Cardboard is quite possibly the most used material to make custom packaging boxes. It is durable and modest, making it perfect for protecting your sensitive lotions. Even better, this material is absolutely flexible.

Meanwhile, corrugated material could also be your option. This one is much thicker than cardboard and would shield your lotions from heat, sunlight, and humidity.

Kraft material, on the other hand, is a decent decision for your boxes. It is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, and sturdy material. This material is incredible for securing your lotion items just as securing the environment. In addition, it would be easy to customer kraft according to your specifications.

Apply Innovative Printing Methods

We can never deny that it is your product packaging that draws in and impacts the market customers. Further than that, product packaging would impact the purchasing decisions as well. To expose your business, you should print your company name and brand logo on your lotion packaging wholesale. Accordingly, to convince more customers, remember to print some essential data such as:

  • How to use your lotion
  • The list of ingredients
  • Expiry date
  • Side effects (if there is any)

This essential data would assist those customers in choosing if lotions boxes are appropriate for his/her skin or not. For this, you need to apply innovative printing methods such as digital and offset printing to make your packaging evocative.

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