How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Commercial Building?

Commercial Building

Pressure cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your commercial building. This applies to the rental buildings, office blocks, storefronts and everything in between. Not only does this keep your property looking clean, but it also commercial pressure cleaning can remove harmful dirt, grime, and bacteria that can potentially damage your building 

But the question remains, how often should you pressure wash your commercial building

The answer may vary depending on the location of your building, the type of business that you run, and a number of other factors. In this post, we’ll take a look at some general tips for determining how often your should pressure wash your property.

Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Commercial Building

Before we get into how often you should pressure wash, it’s important to understand why this task is so important for commercial buildings. After all, many property owners may see pressure washing as an unnecessary expense. These benefits include:

  • Regular pressure cleaning can help to extend the lifespan of your building. 
  • By removing harmful dirt and grime, you can prevent it from damaging your building’s facade or infrastructure
  • Regularly cleaning your property can help to improve its appearance, which may lead to an increase in business
  • Pressure washing can also remove dangerous bacteria and pollutants from the surface of your building, which can be dangerous ad for both employees and customers.
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How Often You Should Have Your Commercial Building Pressure Washed?

The frequency at which you should pressure wash your commercial building depends on a few factors. These include the environment, the type of business, traffic volume and more. In general, experts recommend that you have your building professionally pressure cleaned every 3-6 months.


For high traffic areas, it’s especially important to have a regular cleaning schedule. This is because the increased traffic will lead to more dirt, dust and grime building up on the surface of your building.


Another good time to schedule a pressure washing is after a heavy storm. This is because the rain and wind can often cause a build-up of dirt, leaves and other debris on your building’s facade.

Industrial areas

If your commercial building is located in an industrial area, then it’s especially important to have a regular cleaning schedule. This is to ensure that any buildup of dirt and hazardous debris is removed on a regular basis.


For many commercial buildings, it’s a good idea to have a pressure washing service at the start of each season. Springtime can leave your building covered in pollen, which can cause serious discomfort for some of your residents, clients, visitors and patients, particularly those with allergies and breathing issues.

Schedule Your Commercial Pressure Washing Appointment

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