How Much Does a Leather Jacket Alterations Cost By Tailor in London?

Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is the trendiest piece of clothing ever, although it may not look so trendy if it is too baggy for you. In fact, a leather jacket that is too loose is definitely an eyesore. If you have purchased a leather jacket that is a tad too big for your size, then sign up with Hello Laundry for professional services of leather jacket alteration. Visit the platform of leather jacket alterations near me at Hello Laundry to get the size of the leather jacket altered to the right fit. Just like ready-made leather jackets, even custom-made leather jackets require alteration, as one gains or loses weight over time, making the leather jacket too loose for regular wear. Leather jacket alterations may not be so easy, and so, it is important to hire the services of professionals for expert work. The cost of leather jacket alterations varies on the basis of the type of leather and the kind of alteration required, and is usually in the range of £40-£200. If you are about to get your leather jacket altered then read on to know more about leather jacket alterations right now.

Why does one need to tailor leather jackets?

If you have purchased a free size leather jacket, then chances are, that you will need to alter its size. Generally, leather jackets become loose over time. It also happens that the sleeves of the jacket become loose while the waist region stays fine. If you think that you can get your leather jacket altered by the local tailor then you can think again. Leather jackets require expert work. Leather is very delicate and requires extra care when it comes to alteration. You may also alter the leather jacket at home if you possess the expertise and have a sewing machine. 

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How to do leather jacket alterations at home?

It is always a safer choice to get your leather jacket altered by the professionals of Hello Laundry. However, if you would rather do it at home, then it is time to bring out the sewing machine, and get down to business. Leather jackets that are lightweight can be easily altered at home, unlike cowhide jackets that are usually pretty heavy and require professional work for alterations. For altering the leather jacket at home, you need to have a jacket at hand that fits you perfectly. The perfectly fit leather jacket helps to put in the right stitches in the right places. Make sure that the leather jacket gets altered in such a way that fits perfectly across the shoulders and chest. Be careful around the arm-holes and sleeves as a slight mistake in the stitch in these regions can render the leather jacket almost useless. A quick tip that you can keep in mind while altering the leather jacket at home is to tailor the leather jacket minimally. Leather contains stiffening elements that make the jacket a little tighter upon alteration. As such, it always helps to maintain the tailoring at a minimum level. Altering a loose jacket is easy and can be done at home. However, if the jacket is too small, then it is best to hire the services of a professional. 

A few things to keep in mind for altering leather jackets

  1. Learn the basics

It is essential to know the ABC of stitching and sewing in order to alter leather jackets. If you are not aware of the fundamentals then it would be a prudent choice to take your leather jacket to a tailor. 

  1. Find the right tailor
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Entrust your precious leather jacket with a trustworthy and reliable tailor. Do not go to local or inexperienced tailors as they might ruin your leather jackets. Hire the services of our professional tailors for the best leather jacket alterations

  1. Make sure that the measurements are accurate

Let the tailor take your measurements and note it down for altering the leather jacket. You may also provide the tailor with a perfectly fit jacket so that he may be able to alter the leather jacket accordingly.

  1. Avoid DIY techniques

You may come across several DIY techniques on the internet. These techniques may be ruinous for the leather jacket. So, shell out a few extra bucks and take your leather jacket to the tailor for expert alteration. 


 Leather jackets never go out of style. However, a loose or tight leather jacket would mar your style statement. Get your leather jacket altered by a professional for the perfect fit. You may also buy custom-made leather jackets that do not require alterations.

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