How Long Does it Take For Six Sigma Green Belt Certification?

Six Sigma Green Belt

Everything around us is being affected by digitization, which is spreading its roots. The majority population is operating online, from routine chores like ordering takeout to enroll in online courses. The widespread use of digitization has greatly benefited humanity. However, the institutions participating in the entire digitalization process are currently dealing with a separate issue.

All of our issues cannot be resolved by technology alone. To overcome obstacles, we thus need effective management techniques. A corporate organization may incur significant costs as a result of these obstacles or setbacks. Companies are becoming more and more competitive due to emerging market trends and are demanding the Six Sigma individuals to manage their business better.

Now, if you are going to pursue the Green Belt certification in Six Sigma, it might take time.

However, to manage the time and understand how long will the process take, you should be aware of the intrinsic details, including its definition, objective, prerequisites, and exam details. So, let’s understand these aspects and try to evaluate the time required to complete the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ certification.

What is the Six Sigma Green Belt?

For those who wish to concentrate on DMAIC projects and master its fundamentals, the Six Sigma green belt is the right choice. DMAIC tools are absolutely necessary for each business initiative, above all. So, you can benefit your business if you master the fundamentals of DMAIC.

Green belt holders play a crucial role in company initiatives. For instance, they must make that the project is progressing forward properly. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ certified professionals play a crucial role in improving projects by implementing significant improvements to the project plan.

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It is appropriate for

  • Individuals looking to develop their quality management capabilities.
  • People who are curious about data examination.
  • People who are interested in project management.
  • Individuals who wish to use DMAIC tools in business projects.

The Objective of Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification

People who desire to study the fundamentals of company management will benefit from Six Sigma certifications. In other words, it will show you how to manage project quality and quantity for a higher yield. Six sigma certifications’ primary aims are to improve people’s abilities and support companies in achieving their goals.

With the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ (LSSGB) certification, you’ll have access to tools and methods for enhancing business operations and getting rid of errors. Individuals will be able to increase project quality and cost-effectiveness after receiving certification. Every business initiative has risks and mistakes. Even while you can’t completely get rid of them, six sigma will show you how to keep them to a minimum. Another important goal of six sigma certification is to test competence and specialize in key project areas.

Requirements to Pursue LSSGB Certification

People are what drive the Six Sigma process. The amount of dedication, knowledge, and perseverance of the team members appears to be correlated with the execution of Six Sigma projects. The majority of them think that the Black Belt roles are necessary for using the project efficiently while assessing the project roles. On the other side, Green Belts will be crucial in the process development to boost project performance.

There aren’t any specific qualifications for someone who wants to get their Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™ certification. However, adhering to these recommendations will help you comprehend the fundamental ideas and principles of the Six Sigma system in the long term and make it easier for you to pass the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt exam.

  • The applicant must have at least three years of work experience in a company engaged in this industry.
  • Any applicant may take the test, although it is not required. Having a university degree would be advantageous.
  • Aside from them, obtaining the required minimum marks is a must for all candidates in order to receive certification.
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To acquire the title of Certified Green Belt from the International Association for the Six Sigma Certification (IAASC), candidates have to clear the LSSGB Exam with a minimum score of 70%.

Exam Details:

The times for the green belt exams may fluctuate depending on whether they are conducted online or offline. Let’s start by talking about the Six Sigma Green Belt exam’s format:

  • Type of Exam: Closed Book
  • Exam Pattern: descriptive questions, multiple-choice/true-false questions, and an additional set of ungraded questions.
  • Exam Mode: Proctored and Online
  • 100 questions total.
  • Time: three hours
  • Organizer: IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Association)
  • The pattern of the Tests: Objective

Exam retakes are permitted for candidates. However, students must wait at least 14 days before taking the exam again if individuals fail the second attempt as well.

The certification applicants acquire after passing the test is good for three years. IASSC has established a list of Candidates who will even be able to earn 50 study hours and 3 credits toward an MBA in Six Sigma.

This brings us to answering the question at hand – How long does it take to get a Six Sigma Green Belt™ Certification.

A number of variables might affect how long it takes to earn a Six Sigma Green Belt™ certification. An average Six Sigma Green Belt™ certification program lasts between two and seven weeks.

It commonly takes 24 weeks. Prior to that, you must complete a five-day course and pass the test. If your school has a good reputation, they could also require you to perform a six sigma project and demonstrate a commercial outcome using the different Six Sigma tools. Typically, a project’s timeframe should be 20 to 24 weeks.

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However, it entirely depends on the person spending the time necessary to earn a six sigma green belt certification. The typical Six Sigma Green Belt Certification programs offered by training companies last two days (16–20 hours). However, according to your demands, the length of the course, and the level of training you need to become a CSSGB, you may select the best training provider.

Benefits And Acquired Skills From Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Course: Opportunities for Continuous Improvement

  • Enhanced capacity for problem-solving
  • Knowledge of internal procedures
  • Increased number of quality management projects
  • Abilities to strategically and quantitatively assess data

Exam Preparation

Although it is encouraged, taking training from an accredited university, a licensed Lean Six Sigma trainer, or through an organization is not a requirement for the LSSGB Certification test. Although it is not necessary, candidates for the exam should have a degree before they get project management and Lean Six Sigma job experience.

By attempting a mock exam you may be able to assess whether you are prepared to take a proctored Certification Exam. Exam candidates can study with books and study resources. These sites provide applicants with a sense of questions that could appear on the test.


Participants who complete training and receive certification as Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belts in India are better equipped to run their businesses thanks to improved performance, learning, and satisfaction. You may benefit from a number of things from the Six Sigma Training Courses Online, such as engaging instructor-led sessions, hands-on projects, and the fact that the course cost includes the test expenses.

Participants in the certification programs get the knowledge and abilities necessary to handle challenging management issues in the real world. These courses teach participants how to address typical business problems using goal- and action-oriented methodologies.

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