How Live Shopping will Change Ecommerce?

Live Shopping

In China, Livestream Shopping is very popular, with millions of consumers tuning in to get a plethora of deals. Live commerce makes it very simple for customers to buy goods in real-time. Real-time interactions, discounts, countdowns, giveaways, and other types of interaction when leveraged during live stream shopping shows keep viewers engaged and coming back for more. Live Shopping is believed to be a $60 billion business in China, and its popularity is rapidly expanding to other nations, particularly as people spend more time at home during the epidemic.

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The Livestream shopping phenomenon provides a fantastic opportunity for forward-thinking brands and retailers to boost their revenue. However, you require a reliable live video shopping platform to start your live selling journey. A reliable Live online shopping platform can offer a fantastic customer experience while boosting sales.

As the potential for Live Shopping in the USA grows, more e-commerce platforms are beginning to support this approach. Live Shopping platforms such as are being increasingly leveraged by D2C brands across industries. Livestream’s eCommerce platform can help you interact with your buyers in real-time and influence their purchase decisions. While the primary aim is to sell the goods displayed during a show, the greatest Live Video Shopping shows use raffles, freebies, and special pricing to create excitement and urgency among their audience.

Setting Up Your Company for Livestream Success

A successful Livestream shopping show is a lot more than just selling products. The experience you create around the products you offer will always be more valuable and will assist you in building a devoted audience that looks forward to your content and products. We’ve compiled a list of the most essential factors to consider while planning your next Livestream shopping show.

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Select a pleasant host

At least 44% of Gen Zs and 26% of the general public purchase goods based on the recommendations of trusted influencers. This implies that the show’s host, whether a superstar or a micro-influencer, must be able to interact with viewers genuinely. 

The atmosphere created by hosts is pervasive and can have a significant effect on how consumers see your brand as well as their probability of purchasing, so be careful and set high criteria when selecting a host.

Encourage spontaneous purchases by engaging in real-time interactions

Live Commerce or live stream shopping has a significant benefit in terms of instant response and engagement. In addition to having your host answer frequently asked questions, make sure you have someone on staff who can respond to chats in real-time. When shoppers have a real conversation with your brand while being a part of your Livestream shopping show, it encourages them to make a purchase that they might not have felt confident in making while browsing a website. Respond promptly and maintain the engagement to convert more viewers into customers.

Add value in addition to selling

Inspire your customers by demonstrating how they could dress a new item; give some information about why you developed a certain product; or tell your audience your company narrative.

While some of this information may be conveyed via your website, hearing and seeing it firsthand from a human provides depth and context that can lead to a stronger connection to your business and goods.

Ensure product availability and transactional smoothness.

Last but not least, ensure the availability of goods featured on Live Commerce and make purchasing as simple as possible. When there are obstacles to completing a transaction, consumers are more likely to abandon it. To get the most out of your Livestream, Check that all product links are functional.

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Finally, respond to viewers’ post-stream with an inspiration gallery showcasing all of the items mentioned, so they can simply locate and purchase them when they’re ready.

In Summary

Live Commerce or Livestream eCommerce is a network, not a one-way street. Platforms that enable immediate communication between consumers and brands foster an atmosphere in which customers may be active participants in the experience. For example, hosts can interact with viewers informally making them feel seen, heard, and understood during a live stream shopping show. Viewers may also remark, ask questions, and respond in the same way that they would in a discussion.

Not all live streaming shopping platforms are designed equal. Look for emerging platforms that are a good match for your audience. Live shopping platform is the go-to platform for brands and retailers looking for high engagement and improved sales conversion rates.

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