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 We always want software that makes our life easy. Sometimes we have to share the project with our classmates, or if you are a businessman, you can need to share project outlines with your team, but how can you do that? You have to attend the meeting, but remote desktop software makes it easy for you. Here is a question which software should we use? I prefer using HopToDesk. I have been using this software for a long time, and I find it used thoroughly. There are many reasons why choose Hoptodesk F remote software.

Personal and Commercial use

If you are a student or a businessman you can easily use it. You can arrange your meetings through Hoptodesk. Sometimes we need to fix some things. You can share your screen with friends and fix all the things remotely. So in simple words, you can use it for personal and commercial use.

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End-To-End Encryption

When we use software, one thing is our priority is privacy. We want privacy because this makes our stream secure. All the chat meetings and screen sharing are End-To-End Encryption. So this is the reason to choose Hoptodesk is private security. So you can use the remote desktop software with the confidence of End-To-End Encryption. Your personal data never leaves your environment. Only the devices that are part of your network can connect. All information remains on your network and is isolated from the outside world for added security. On-Premises is p suitable for companies that work with sensitive data, and security is the top priority.

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Easy to install

So you can download it easily on your desktop. There is not an arduous process to installation. Go on our official website and click on download and download it according to your device.

High scalability, minimal footprint 

Hoptodesk is designed for high availability. We guarantee high robustness, parallelism, and fault tolerance.

User friendly

Hoptodesk remote desktop software is user-friendly. It is way simple, and there is nothing complicated method to use.  

Every operating system, every device 

 Hoptodesk remote desktop software supports all platforms and all devices, so you have no limitations.


With the On-Premises solution, you can customize the hoptodesk client to fit your business needs. Design hoptodesk according to your own visions and use your company logo and brand. So imagine that you work in support and want to connect to a customer’s device. With your own company branding, you create a foundation of trust for your customers. 

No monthly or annual fee

When we use the software after some time, they ask us to pay a fee to use. Or they close some features and ask us to pay a fee to use them. But you can use all the features of hoptodesk at any cost, so you can use all the best features without any fee.


We always use software that is safe to use. Hoptodesk offers you the best remote desktop software 100% free of cost.

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