Hair weaving: Why is it considered damage to the hair?

hair weaving techniques

Hair weaving: The continuous increment in baldness cases is a matter of great concern. A great number of causes can be held accountable for this. Some are bothered with the stressful lifestyle and others are continuously being bothered by the imbalance which is caused in the hormones. To get rid of baldness, people are trying to take help from every possible solution that can help to get rid of baldness. But in the wake of the excitement people don’t realize whether the particular solution will come out to be effective with no side effects, of course.

Some people do not consider the eligibility of undergoing a hair transplant in the account, while others, being worried about the hair transplant cost, consider opting for the hair weaving in the account.

What exactly is hair weaving?

In the hair weaning process, either human or synthetic hair is added to the scalp of the individual. Following are the various kinds of hair weaving processes available:

  • Netting
  • Bonding
  • Tracking
  • Fusion
  • Lace Extensions

To whom hair weaving is usually suggested?

Hair weaving is usually suggested to the people suffering from:

  • Alopecia Areata
  • Traction Alopecia

What happens in hair weaving?

Hair weaving is the process in which the hair is glued either on the scalp or the hairs. But the individual should not think that this hair will regrow. They will never regrow as these are lacking in the hair follicles.

These are also prone to get damaged. We cannot consider hair weaning as one of the permanent solutions to baldness. If you want to keep up with this procedure then you will be mandated to visit the hairstylist after every six months.

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Can hair weaving come out to be damaging for the scalp?

Hair weaving can surely come out as deteriorating for the scalp. As we all know, this process makes use of certain synthetic substances that are accountable for gluing the hair on the scalp. These kinds of substances can damage the natural hair follicles and be held accountable for affecting the regrowth process.

The individual must know that if the prolonged use of the hair weaving will be taken into account then it will result in permanent damage to either the scalp and the neck area.

What do you mean by stem cell therapies?

Stem cell-based therapies are the kind of the latest advancements which are being encountered in the various anti-aging and hair loss treatments. With this technique, the stem cells may get extracted from the person’s body and are turned into the progenitor cells of the hair production. Many types of research are just underway in finding the effectiveness of the therapy.

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