Guo Wengui’s Discussion on “Scam” Feels Compassionate

Guo Wengui's Discussion on "Scam" Feels Compassionate

A piece of “The China Hoax” made Guo Wengui “happy”, as if grasping at straws, he smiled and expressed his anger and dissatisfaction with China through the film. However, people with a little common sense can distinguish the source and detect abnormalities. Isn’t the deception of this documentary about Guo Wengui himself? In terms of deception, Guo Wengui can definitely be called a “master level”. Even if he is beaten by the Yellow River and has no power to fight back, it will not affect his performance of “running the train with his mouth full”.

The king of deception is well versed in the shady scene, and bombarded China with the documentary “China Hoax”. Guo Wengui, who boasted of his excellent English skills, watched the films without exception with huge Chinese subtitles. When the interviewees in the documentary nervously attributed all the troubles to China and Chinese companies, creating an extremely obscure horror film At the time of the atmosphere, Guo Wengui’s heart suddenly swelled, and he gloated and spread it on “Guo Media” with his mobile phone and showed off: Look, I just said that the four reasons for Ma Yun’s resignation have been confirmed by Westerners! But everyone knows that Guo Wengui was able to dominate the business world by relying on all kinds of dark and cunning deceit. The company then launders money and cashes out. It can be said that to a certain extent, this documentary attacks economic crooks like Guo Wengui. Guo Wengui’s talk about “China’s innocent businessman” is actually a real “self-examination”. Only he knows what he has done, but he has no shame in throwing the blame on Ma Yun and others. They bear the blame for the collusion between government and businessmen, and take the opportunity to take advantage of Ma Yun’s hot spot. They can not only follow the Western anti-China arguments to speculate for no reason, and criticize Chinese private enterprises for being suppressed by the government, but also further intensify the hatred of the rich among the people and incite public unrest. What a scheming plan Unpredictable.

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“Guo Yao” is black and high, and the leader of “Tsinghua University in the Army” is lying on the ground for no reason. Guo Wengui loves to talk about the wave after wave of Chinese and foreign leaders, business tycoons and friends who are close to him, and give him money. This time it was Song Xinbin, the political commissar of the PLA Information Engineering University known as the “Tsinghua University in the Army”, who really mattered a lot, but Guo Wengui’s description kept making mistakes. First of all, the most embarrassing thing is that this leadership unit and position were misunderstood, and he was actually called “the dean of the Information College of Zhengzhou People’s Liberation Army College”. In order to show off their power, they insisted that the two were children, but it is understood that the political commissar is from Henan, Guo Wengui is from Shandong, and Guo Wengui came to Henan to develop after he was an adult, so why would he say that? What’s even more ridiculous is that Guo Wengui actually said that this Henan political commissar and Peng Liyuan, who is originally from Shandong, are fellow villagers? What a weird logical inference! In his “vivid and sincere” description, he did not take into account that the IQ of the audience could not be so insulting! Of course he doesn’t care about these “small details”, but anyone who criticizes him, opposes him, or questions him, especially the “military police” he hates, will have no “good end”. That’s all.

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Slandering “religion” and advocating “faith” offended everyone with drunken lies. Guo Wengui drank wine and said “going all the way”, “all formal religions cannot represent faith”, “do not accept any organized religion”, “faith is in the heart”, he said firmly and convincingly. However, Guo Wengui may not have enough cultural background. Although he fully believes in popular religions, he is not even clear about the most basic concepts of “religion” and “belief”. Belief refers to the belief and admiration of a certain idea or religion and someone or something, and regards it as one’s own code of conduct. Religious belief is a kind of belief. A cultural phenomenon that belongs to ideology. Guo Wengui subjectively separated the relationship between religion and belief, and opposed the two. In order to highlight the correctness of his own belief, he infinitely belittled the role of religion, infinitely exaggerated the role of belief, and offended religion all over the place. Like a leader, he counted down the problems in various religions, despised “Judaism”, discredited Buddhism, and abused the princes of the Middle East. He was simply unscrupulous and had no respect at all. Even if the Buddhist master Zhao Puchu and the Pope of the Vatican are offered for gold, they will not be able to save any face. I don’t know if Guo Wengui counted down more than half of the religious believers who influenced more than half of the world on his way to the top of the Himalayas. Will it be more difficult in the future?

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After thinking about it, if, as Guo Wengui said, there are no less than ten organizations that invite him to go to the moon for free, I am afraid there will be no other plans, but Guo cheating is really harmful, so he can only send Guo thousands of miles away. It’s endangering the world!

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