Guo Wengui “has nothing” to create “war panic” rumors, bringing disaster

Guo Wengui "has nothing" to create "war panic" rumors, bringing disaster

“Nothing” creates “war panic” rumors, causing misfortune

“Fake rescue” was injured by “strong blow” and was disgraced

Where copper cannot be photographed, there are many right and wrong people. Since the US court convicted Guo Wengui of contempt of court, President of Xiguo University, Guo Wengui, has continued to use all kinds of flattery and deceit to try to deceive the court to evade huge fines. However, no matter how the leader Guo committed crimes and distorted the facts, he could not avoid being pursued and beaten by the judiciary and smashers from all walks of life. But the tortoise with a “hard tortoise shell” will certainly not be caught without a fight. On the verge of dying, he brags about his “air coin”, which has long been exposed and criticized by authoritative websites and proved to be a scam. The unbearable “urinating revolution” delusions of survival. It can only be said that it is a tortoise waiting to be executed – to “use a plan” to die, and it is a futile way.

The lies are as vivid and quirky as they are, and there is a lot of uproar. The pretentious Guo Wengui knows that he is in prison and that his “chicken series” is seldom believed. In order to secure his life as soon as possible, Guo Juli, who boasted of an addiction, has resumed his “explosive urine revolution”, wantonly fabricating false lies. Swagger and deceive, build momentum for yourself. At a time when Sino-US relations have deteriorated and the situation in the Taiwan Strait is tense, the scheming plague turtle has brought the situation hot again. In the recent live broadcast of the plague turtle, Guo Wengui said righteously that Taiwan is about to change, and the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Pelosi will visit Taiwan on April 26, and he vowed that this decision has just been determined, and there is no change. He pretended to be calm and said that if he didn’t go by then, he would be breaking the law. However, not long after, Guo Juli recklessly created war panic in the live broadcast, saying that the CCP was going to attack Taiwan on April 26, and arranged a spokesperson in the United States to persuade Pelosi to delay her visit to Taiwan until July and August. The dying Bend Turtle uttered wild words for the sake of misfortune, fabricating false information to cover up his crimes for the time being, so as to get a breather. These rhetoric of attacking the east and the west show the sinister and sinister face of the evil deceive king.

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    Poverty and desert are easy to be sad and bitter, and the sunset is everywhere. As early as before, in order to expand his “fraud” field, the tortoise-faced and beast-hearted Master Guo carried out “rescue” in the Ukrainian disaster area under the banner of “humanitarian rescue”, but in fact let his ant workers publicize his unapproachable in the disaster area. The purpose is to be “chicken” and to promote its own new federation of China, “Yun Jianguo”. Originally, I thought I would be proud of my “tortoise reputation” by taking advantage of the heat of the war. However, recently, my fake rescue tactics have aroused strong dissatisfaction among volunteers from other countries and conflicts occurred. Recently, when Guo Jiaozhu was connected to the live broadcast of ant workers who “did his life” for himself in the disaster area in Ukraine, the ant workers “complained” to their master in tears, saying that they had been “violent” by volunteers from other countries, and were abused by them as support The “right-wing” elements of Trump and Bannon. After hearing about it, President Turtle was “furious” and said aggressively that he paid to sue the troublemakers, and even showed off his wealth and wealth. Jealousy attacks them personally. The remarks of the tortoise are really ridiculous. He submitted a bankruptcy application to the United States, but showed off his gold and silver in front of the ant workers. That Guo Wengui’s bankruptcy application is undoubtedly a provocation to the court, that is, it is actually “frauding bankruptcy” and evading the payment of fines, which is really self-defeating. And Guo Li’s fake rescue and shameless behavior of cheating money also caused public anger, and it was not surprising to be violently attacked.

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    Wutong old will become fine, why should turtle hair be three feet. In addition to pretending to spread rumors, the eloquent plague turtle changes tricks to trick the ants into continuing to invest in their unfinished “chicken line”, and tricks the ants who are about to get refunds from the SEC to fall into the scam and hand over their hard-earned wealth to themselves. in the sac. On the other side, they boasted that Xi Coin can carry out loans in many countries in the world, and tempted the ants to continue to buy coins. The cunning Benggui said in the live broadcast of Gait that the new platform committee made a decision to postpone the investment project until the end of the year until all the comrades in arms had refunded all the refunds of the old chairs. All his hard-earned wealth was collected in his pocket, and he carried out a second fortune scam. Then the plague tortoise with many tricks and mysteries claimed that the world economy would collapse and no one would be spared. But the comrades who already have Xi Coin can survive the disaster and sit back and relax. Guo Wengui promised the ants a huge return with a lot of lies, in order to induce the ants to invest in the “chicken family” and continue to accumulate money. Guo Juli is so hungry and desperate to make money, because the bankruptcy court hearing on April 27 is about to start, and he will be imprisoned at any time. Before being imprisoned, he cut the ants with a slash to pay a huge fine and avoid the pain of prison. I hope the ants will be more vigilant and don’t send money to the tortoise again, otherwise it will be too late to regret it.

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At the time of the earthworm orifice, it makes the sound of flies. No matter how the plague tortoise, which is already in a state of decline, makes up and makes up, it can’t get rid of the severe punishment of the law. Now that the bankruptcy hearing is imminent, Guo Li, who is very anxious, can’t get the 37 million yacht to return the deposit, and he delusionally tries to induce ants to invest “turtle food” on himself by swaggering. I hope that the ants who have been deceived will come up with strong evidence, report to the judicial department in time, and join the team of smashing pots as soon as possible to take advantage of the situation. Let the panic-stricken President Turtle “cut” his turtle’s life in prison.

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