Gmail, YouTube, and other Google services are back online after a worldwide blackout

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On Monday night, all Google services YouTube, Gmail, various organizations got unavailable for customers across the world. Google has recognized the outage and some of these administrations are returning on the web now.

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  • Google services including YouTube and Gmail were down globally for about an hour today.
  • Google affirmed the blackout saying the entirety of its administrations is influenced.
  • Gmail and YouTube seem back online but Google is yet to confirm if all services have been restored.

Google services unexpectedly went down on Monday night, affecting many clients. Among the services that were disrupted at the time of writing include Gmail, Google Search, YouTube, and Drive. The latest outrage, which seems to be more intensive than the last one, seemingly started around 5 pm IST today. Down detector, the website that tracks web outages, reported over 40,000 outage cases from around the world nearly 10 minutes after the outage began. YouTube and Gmail seem to have been the worst hit globally, causing an uproar on Twitter about how Google services have left them high and dry especially on the first day of the week.

Latest update:

Google is stating that its administrations are back on the web. Here is the thing that it says on the Gmail administration status page: “The issue with Gmail should be settled for by far most of the influenced clients. We will keep on pursuing reestablishing administration for the leftover influenced clients, however, no further updates will be given on the Google Workspace Status Dashboard. Kindly have confidence that framework unwavering quality is the first concern at Google, and we are making constant upgrades to improve our frameworks.” a similar message is rehashed for any remaining administrations that were down.

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