google net worth 2021: Top 5 Google Shareholders

google net worth

What Is Google’s Net Worth?

Google’s net worth can be calculated by subtracting the company’s liabilities from its assets. Shareholders’ equity, which likewise equals total assets minus total liabilities, is essentially a google net worth. Alphabet’s total shareholders’ equity as of the quarter ending June 30 was $237.565 billion.

CEO Sundar Pichai said, “Our long-term investments in AI and Google Cloud are helping us drive significant improvements in everyone’s digital experience,” according to Alphabet’s July 27 press release. Strong income across Alphabet’s divisions, including Google Search and advertising, YouTube, and Google Cloud services, contributed to Google’s net worth.

Google’s Founders

Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The two met at Stanford in 1995 and collaborated on a search engine called Backrub. Google is a play on the word “googol,” which is a one followed by 100 zeros. The name was a great summary of Page and Brin’s mission “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Forbes named Page and Brin among the top 10 on its list of the world’s richest billionaires, with google net worth of $117.2 billion and $113.4 billion, respectively, as of Aug. 9.

Key Product Lines Contributing to Revenue

Alphabet’s second-quarter earnings report highlighted several categories that contributed to its astounding success. The following product lines are partly responsible for its revenue:

  • Google Services: Includes Google Search, Google Maps and the Google Play app store
  • YouTube ads: Alphabet’s fastest-growing ad source; up 83% from last year for over $7 billion in revenue, according to CNBC
  • Google advertising: Google ad revenue was up 69% from last year, CNBC reported

Alphabet’s Top 10 Shareholders

GOOGL has one of the highest levels of institutional ownership at 79.08%. The top 10 shareholders of Alphabet’s Class A stock are:

1The Vanguard Group Inc.7.14%
2BlackRock Fund Advisors4.41%
3Fidelity Management & Research Co. LCC4.04%
4SSgA Funds Management Inc.3.69%
5T. Rowe Price Associates Inc.2.44%
6Wellington Management Co. LLP1.88%
7Geode Capital Management LLC1.64%
8Capital Research & Management Co.1.33%
9Northern Trust Investments Inc.1.24%
10Massachusetts Financial Services Co.0.97%


Google LLC was founded way back in 1998 by two Ph.D. students of Stamford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Initially, they wanted to create something which holds the data of several other platforms and acts as a helping hand to others. They created PageRank which does the same thing and its search engine was BackRub which was later renamed Google. In 2002 Google LLC was shifted to Mountain View, California and its headquarters is called Googleplex.

In 2015 Google started working as a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., Google is working well and is fulfilling Alphabet’s desire to gain more in the field of the internet.

Larry Page resigned as the CEO of Google to be the CEO of Alphabet Inc., and as a consequence, Sundar Pichai became its CEO. Google has gained immense success over time and it’s just the beginning of something extraordinary.


Google has always worked according to time like during the early 20s the need for the internet was a primary concern so it focused on bringing the best in it but after smartphones and other smart devices begins to roll out Google has changed its strategy. From 2010 to 2015 Google has invested hugely in other hardware devices rather than software stuff. It merged itself with nexus, a leading smartphone brand, and many other applications and smart devices like a smart speaker, smart clock, etc.

Now the current situation is like you can’t imagine a smartphone without any Google services. Everything you do on your device, whether it’s a smartphone or PC or laptop or TV Google is the heart and soul of it. Google is helpful to many poor kids who are not able to study in schools. It is helping people in growing their business by being a sponsor for free. The amount of knowledge which you can gain from Google is infinite and if one uses it in the right way, sure it can be very helpful.

Currently, Google is facing several complaints because of its leak of personal data and not having any proper privacy policy rules. The amount of users google has is huge so it needs to fix the problem asap.

Alphabet (Google) Net Income Year Wise


Is Google Worth the Money?

Alphabet has outperformed other FAANG stocks this year, such as Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon. Based on five analysts, Alphabet is a “buy” to “strong buy,” with an average price target of $2,625, according to Yahoo Finance. However, Alphabet’s current share price of $2,760.04 exceeds price targets, leaving investors to question how much further room for growth there may be. Based on historical share appreciation, impressive revenue news, and future potential from investments such as YouTube and AI, Alphabet may be worth the money as a long-term investment.

Awards & Achievement’s

Google is the heart and soul of today’s digital world. It holds more than 75% of the internet search engine market. There isn’t any specific award that Google has. The biggest achievement for Google is that what you are reading today is also because of google. Google was once named the second biggest IT company in the world which is a huge success. Everyone or everything either by hook or crook is connected to Google and it’s a fact.


As for the conclusion, we can say that Google is an amazing idea of two people’s and now the world is taking advantage of it. It is a source of never-ending knowledge that is helping billions. With the help of Google, most underprivileged children can learn a lot. Those who don’t know anything about business and start-up can open their own by using Google. In smartphones, Google is like a backbone. We can’t imagine a smartphone without google chrome or calendar or many other applications.

Google is like a blessing if used properly or a curse if used in a wrong manner.