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(Hindustan Gold Pvt Ltd) is an “ISO 9001:2015 certified company” established in the year 2017 and is successfully running in its fifth calendar year. Hindustan Gold Company is the fastest growing organisation in India offering services of buying, selling and releasing gold with 29+ branches in 29+ cities spread across 2 different states in India. 

We are the first to introduce the concept of buying gold at the current online price. We help customers get immediate cash payment for the release of pawned gold. We buy your gold and pay cash immediately.

Our vision is to make gold purchases in a highly professional manner. We pay cash for your gold, and silver the jeweller. Hindustan Gold Company aims to set a milestone in the purchase of old/used gold and make it easier for customers to determine the current market value in a transparent manner.

We aim to provide financial assistance to the customers who want immediate cash for gold jewellery at the best price. We have branches in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh. Visit our branches near you and get Spot cash for your gold at the current online price.

Our world class business environment helps needy people who want to sell their gold in a highly transparent environment with best possible prices in all possible payment modes as per their requirement and convenience.

Gold jewelry buyers are better than pawn shops. If you are willing to trade your gold at pawn shops, they will pawn your gold and give you a lower amount and the interest will be higher after a few months. When you want to release your gold, the interest rate will be high. If you cannot release the pawned gold, you should consider selling it to a pawn shop for only a lower amount. If you contact a gold jewelry buyer, you can sell your gold at the current market price. You will get the full amount for your gold jewelry and you will not have to pay high interest. So visit Hindustan Gold Company and get the best price for your gold by evaluating and checking the purity of gold on XRF machine with German technology.

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Why Pawn Shops Are A Bad Choice

If you want to take out a loan for jewelry and don’t need a lot of money, a local pawn shop may be a reasonable choice. However, if you need a lot of cash and want to raise some money by selling precious metal assets, it’s not the best choice.

While gold jewelry pawn shops are the best choice for a seller who wants to get the highest return in the shortest amount of time, you should be careful who you choose. This is because there are companies that only pay out a small percentage of the actual value. Some buyers have their own refineries and have been in the market for a long time. 

Choosing A Good Gold Jewellery Buyer

It would be best if you always try to find a popular gold jewelry buyer to sell your gold. Popular commodities will help you get high quality metals. Identify gold buyers who use the right set of tests. Try to choose a gold jewelry buyer who tests the quality of gold. It would be best if you do a proper research about them. Who are the best jewelry buyers in the market? Avoid middlemen when dealing with buyers. A middleman will help you get a lower amount. If you deal directly with the buyers, you will get the best deal in the market.

Our services

Gold version of the pledge

How Hindustan can help you release your pledged gold

Pledged gold release at current online price Hindustan Gold Company provides money to close your pledged gold loan upfront We will visit the site with clients and pay the required amount to release the pledged gold.

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After checking the purity of the pawned gold at our office, Hindustan Gold Company will buy the gold jewellery and pay you the remaining amount after deducting the amount paid for releasing the gold.

Releasing pledged gold from banks, lenders and pawnbrokers, The advantage of releasing pledged gold and selling it is getting sufficient cash before it gets defaulted and your interest rates start skyrocketing.

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We will buy your gold and pay you cash immediately. You will get the best service and price for your jewelry.

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