Getting Permanent Residency in Canada: A Guide For British Citizens

Residency in Canada

For those who are willing to get permanent residency in Canada, this is the right page to get information. This guide is for British citizens who have a valid passport to the United Kingdom (UK). We will talk about the possible options that any British citizen has to get a permanent residence in Canada.

As a British citizen, you have an option to apply for a Canada visa online via the Express entry program. Paper-based and non-express entry applications will have a longer processing time, so applying online is a better option. When you apply for the Canadian visa online, you have the following options to consider:

First of all, you should know your skills, knowledge, training and how can you offer to the Canadian society in terms of economic growth or socially. Based on these things, you will get Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points.

You can apply through the following classes:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSW)
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Class (FST)
  3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  4. Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)
  5. Family Class (FC)

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Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSW)

Your skilled work experience, ability to speak English and/or French, proof of funds, your education, and some other factors like age, adaptability, and the existence of a job offer will contribute to assessing the CRS points. Those who like to apply through this class must provide proof of skilled work experience. 

This proof will be approved by the National Occupation Classification system. Applicant should also provide proof of education via certification and skill of language as well. 

Federal Skilled Trades (FST) Class

In this class, applicants have to show all the required proofs just as in the federal skilled worker class with the only difference of the skilled trades experience. Skilled work experience in the trades is necessary for those Britishers who want to apply through this stream. 

With that, language proof, availability of funds, adaptability, age, and education will be counted as well to get the CRS points. The higher the points, the higher will be the chances that the Canadian government can provide permanent residency to such British citizens. 

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Again, the British Applicants need to provide the same documents and can get CRS points for the same skill set as of the FSW class. The only exception is that they have to show skilled work experience within Canada. 

Provincial Nomination Program (PNP)

Those British citizens who would like to get permanent residency in Canada through PNP should have a nomination from that particular territory or province. The province in which you want to get residence should invite you first then you can apply through this program. 

The rest of the things are the same, like skilled work experience, language skills, funds, age, and other factors. 

Family Class (FC)

In the family class, if you have your spouse in Canada (A Canadian passport holder) then you can apply through the family class. Your spouse can sponsor you to get permanent residency in Canada. 

Marriage is not compulsory for you and your partner to apply for a visa through Family class. You can marry later in Canada at any stage, or even you can marry anywhere else. 

Other than a spouse, if you have other relatives in Canada, they can also sponsor you and you can apply through the Family Class option for getting a permanent residency in Canada. 

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